HSA is a private label hair care product manufacturer committed to giving every brand and professional not only private label shampoo and conditioner, but also hair dyes, skin care, and scalp care solutions according to the needs of the market.

Thanks to our core values of responsiveness and inclusivity, we have been – and continue to be – able to develop private label hair care lines for each and every issue to be treated: our private label hair cosmetics are the worst enemies of dryness, dandruff, hair loss, uncleanliness, and much more!

We can supply you with the wholesale private label hair care products of your dreams because we listen to your desires and make them come true.


HSA's Private Label Hair Products Guide

Embarking on the journey to manufacture your private label hair products is an exciting endeavor, and at HSA, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our comprehensive approach is rooted in constant research and development, ensuring that your private label hair care products are nothing short of exceptional.

Here's how we turn your vision into reality:

1. Tailored Formulation Process - It all begins with your ideas. We start by understanding your preferences for ingredients, textures, and fragrances. Our team collaborates closely with you to craft formulations that align with your brand identity and cater to your target audience

2. Quality and Safety Testing - Ensuring the quality and safety of your private label hair care products is paramount. We prioritize natural and healthy ingredients that protect and improve your customers' hair and scalp. Each formulation undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee its effectiveness, safety, and compliance with industry standards. Your customers deserve only the best, and we take pride in delivering nothing less

3. Customized Product Development - Your vision is our priority. As we move forward, our experts bring your concept to life, transforming it into a tangible product that meets your specifications. From ingredient sourcing to packaging design, we pay attention to every detail to create a product that resonates with your brand and values

4. Effortless Market Launch - Once your private label hair products are ready, we help you navigate the complexities of launching them into the market. Our experience in the industry allows us to provide valuable insights and strategies to ensure your products resonate with your target audience. Moreover, we are always up to date with the latest hair care trends and products, ensuring that your offerings remain relevant and appealing to the ever-evolving preferences of consumers.


What we offer

The best private label hair care manufacturers are those that can effortlessly answer their clients' needs. This means not only following them from the first steps of brainstorming and strategy to the final step of launching their product line on the market, but also offering unprecedented formulas and solutions concerning hair care and color.

Here below, you will find the results of the quality and innovation we bring to the table in the private label hair care industry. These are unique collections that you can develop and implement with us. Take a closer look at them:


Colored heroes

Changing hair color and giving unusual and brilliant tones is no longer a creative quirk of artists, but has become a well-recognized attitude! A product category is booming and everyone should have it: SEMI-PERMANENT HAIR COLOR, THE TEMPORARY SOLUTION TO CHANGE HAIR COLOR WITHOUT COMMITMENT!

Colored Heroes is the best private label hair color line you could ever wish for! HSA has the ability to combine over hues and give life to new, incredible products for hair color and color maintenance.


9 tones bleaching powder

Private label hair care also includes products to safely bleach the hair. It's hard to find DIY or even professional solutions that are effective and non-damaging at the same time. Well, HSA has achieved that goal: here's our 9 tones bleaching powder!

Great performances in reaching high levels and an amazing cold tone: our laboratories have studied a perfect balanced formula to reach 9 levels and remove the unpleasant yellow tone, taking inspiration from the anti-yellow shampoo range.

Do you want to know how to get to the extreme with hair bleaching? Learn more about our bleaching powder private label manufacturing.



As the best private label manufacturer, HSA knows it's important to offer hair dyes in each and every possible shade. One of our lines, for example, focuses on delivering shiny, glossy, and metallic colors on the strands: it's called Metallum.

This collection of metallic colors embodies the essence of metal: resistance over time and brilliance. 24 amazing metallic hair dyes created as private labeled products to make your brand rock!


Nutraceutical color collection

HSA and the new generation of hair color

If it is true that beauty starts from within, then why not use on hair what we usually get with food? Especially certain foods, those with nutraceutical properties, genuine boosters that bestow incredible nourishment, protection, and hydration.

From the expertise and innovation of HSA, the best private label hair care manufacturer, our Nutraceutical Color Collection was born.

This line resorts to the amazing effects of superfoods to bring out the beauty that's inside each one of us. Our research laboratories have conceived a new, amazing cream base for hair coloring with high-tech ingredients and superfood ingredients, perfect for any private label hair product.



Instacolor wax

Celebrity for one day

Color as a new social code, a new language to communicate yourself.
A new social attitude in a lively color palette to which celebrities don’t give up. Express and inspire yourself even just for a day: it is possible with INSTACOLOR WAX. No hair dye. Totally washable.

Bright and non-damaging color formulations are always guaranteed with HSA: as an Italian hair color manufacturer, our private label hair care lines are developed with the utmost attention to the safety and well-being of your target customers.



The color editing collection

The real hair color optimizers

DIGITALEDITING: this is the technique that we got as inspiration to develop our new hair care system of products.
As we correct colors in a video or an image, we can optimize and enhance hair color in specific conditions. Moreover, we can modify or remove unwanted hair colors.

Our color correction technology is one of the jewels of our crown of private label hair care manufacturers. Our specialized internal lab not only guarantees long-lasting and safe formulations but is also able to create solutions that help repair and restore color shades that tend to show yellow or orange tones.



Eyelash and eyebrow tints

A brand new color trend is here, and it's not about the hair that you're thinking of!

Now that you know everything about hair coloring, why not offer your clientele something new? Facial hair too is becoming the center of attention when it comes to tints: that's why many people – mostly younger generations – have started dyeing their lashes and brows too!

With HSA Cosmetics' private label eyebrow dyes, your customers can get new, sensational looks nobody has ever seen before. Endless shades of color are available, and everyone will fall in love with them!

What are you waiting for? Discover our professional brow tinting supplies now!


The good hygiene habit

In this modern world, everyone has become increasingly concerned with being 100% cleansed, detoxified, and sanitized. New hygienic-sanitary rules require new solutions that can help people effectively eliminate each and every single bacteria pullulating on the hair and the scalp. And if that's not enough, protection from external agents is also pretty much needed.

This is why HSA has developed an incredible private label hair care line called The Good Hygiene Habit. These products resort to the effective powers of local Italian honey, cinnamon essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, tea tree oil, charcoal, and prebiotics.



3 Forces

An authentic private label hair care manufacturer strives to offer solutions aimed to tackle varied hair issues. That's the case of HSA, of course! Among our private label hair care lines, you will certainly discover products that can help your customers nourish their strands from ends to roots. But there's one specific line that was conceived to completely restore damaged hair and give it new life: it's called 3 Forces.

3 Forces guarantees prevention, protection, and repair in case of hair that's continuously stressed by external agents and chemical and mechanical treatments, thanks to the power of fruit acids, mineral salts, and an anti-oxidant hyper-fermentation technology.




Ammonia-Free Hair Products

Say goodbye to Ammonia, PPD, and resorcinol as these substances are making room for lighter, natural, and clinically proven ingredients that promote both hair health and overall well-being.

The "Conscious Hair Care" movement is now changing the way consumers evaluate their hair care products, so we have developed healthier alternatives with a lineup of products that ensure lustrous, environmentally-friendly hair.

Our offerings include:

Permanent Color without Ammonia Cream & Developer

Sensitive Serum

Greasy Scalp Lotion

• Energizing, Moisturizing, Volumizing, Anti-Frizz and Anti-Dandruff Products

Coloring Shampoo

• Liquid Toner

Every private label hair product in our range, from shampoos to conditioners, masks, and balms, is not only vegan but also free from silicones, parabens, and SLES. Instead, they're enriched with a plethora of natural ingredients including oils, herbal extracts, active plants, proteins, amino acids, and vitamins.

private label hair products ammonia


Hair Reconstruction

Discover our Hair Reconstruction line, a testament to our commitment to hair and scalp health. Crafted by experts, these private label hair products prioritize the hair cuticle's well-being.

Their unique blend of a mineral complex, biopolymer, plant collagen, and prebiotics provides both immediate and long-term hair reconstruction, while innovative pH control technology ensures holistic care.

The range includes:

Rebuild Butter for intense nourishment

Rebuild Shampoo for cleansing and revitalization

Rebuild Lotion for moisture restoration and protection

Rebuild Mask for rejuvenation

Rebuild Fluid for frizz control. 

private label hair products reconstruction


Metal Detox

In the course of technical treatments, hair often becomes a magnet for damaging metals like iron, copper, calcium, and magnesium. At HSA, we've developed a groundbreaking hair care solution to combat this issue head-on: the revolutionary Metal Detox.

Backed by meticulous scientific research, our Metal Detox is a potent spray that harnesses the power of carefully selected ingredients to tackle metal accumulation and its adverse effects on hair.

This super spray not only repels infiltrating metals but also offers an antioxidant shield thanks to the accurate combination of ingredients such as:

Sodium gluconate

Trisodium ethylenediamine disuccinate

• Sodium citrate

Green Tea

• Pomegranate extracts 

private label hair products metal detox


Waterless Shampoo

Waterless Hero Shampoo is a groundbreaking innovation that has taken center stage at HSA this year. This remarkable private label hair care product encapsulates the prevailing trends shaping the beauty industry, making it a true game-changer. What sets it apart?

• It's formulated through scientific studies

Vegan and devoid of harmful additives like silicones and preservatives, it nurtures both scalp and hair deeply

• Sustainability is at its core, utilizing a waterless production method and reduced packaging for an eco-friendly approach

• The absence of water enhances nutrient absorption, ensuring optimal results. Its semi-solid paste form adds to its uniqueness.

Customizable to your hair goals, its natural base is highly versatile.

private label hair product paste shampoo

Want to develop shampoo and conditioner with private labels?

Seek help from a private label hair products manufacturer that really knows what they’re doing: I’m talking about HSA


What does private label hair care mean? It means that HSA Cosmetics can create in-house products for you and your brand. Tell us the private label hair care you envision, which ingredients you would like to use, the texture you wish to feel on your skin, the packaging you think will suit your brand the most and we will make it real.

You can rely on our long experience and know-how to launch your private label hair care, and we will give you complete space for your ideas, suggestions, and desires related to the creation of your line. And the results will be tangible: lower prices and increased demand for your products!


Private label hair care product manufacturers

A wealth of about 1000 private label hair care and skin care formulas and excellent know-how in the development of packaging and finished products are the most important strengths of our company, capable of responding promptly to any brand partner's needs.

As private label shampoo suppliers, we constantly create new formulas and textures at international fairs to enable hair care brands to grow and to be innovative and dynamic. Here below are the most incredible private label hair care collections: we only resort to the most soothing ingredients and manufacture our lines entirely in Italy.

Find out more about what we do: Private Label Hair Product Manufacturer: HSA Is Waiting For You 



Private label hair products

These are private labels hair products you have never seen before. Our internal lab takes research and development very seriously and focuses on studying and testing new formulas and ingredients for your needs.

In fact, creating private label hair products with HSA Cosmetics allows your brand to explore new creative possibilities and establish itself on the market with lines that are so unique and exceptional that your clientele won’t be able to resist.

Since we are constantly updated on new trends and strategies, a private label hair care company like ours can help you get one step ahead of your competition and offer sensational private label hair products. You and us, together. Because the service we make available includes YOU – before anything else.

Take a look at some of our innovative private label hair products we have developed thus far:



Private label shampoo manufacturers

If you are currently wondering – as a professional brand on the rise:

• How can I develop a hair growth shampoo with private labels?
• Who is the best organic private label hair care manufacturer?
• I really care about private label natural hair care, but how can I create one?

HSA cosmetics is the answer to all your problems.

1. What’s in a private label hair growth shampoo? Technology, research, and formulas that prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth! Thanks to 40 years of experience in the field, we know exactly what your products need to be competitive and effective.

2. Organic products only resort to organically grown ingredients. They may contain little to no chemicals – and if they do, it’s because they’re 100% safe. HSA is the organic private label hair care manufacturer you can turn to, because of our expertise in the most ideal and effective ingredients.

3. On the other hand, private label natural hair care doesn’t necessarily contain organic products, but it’s made from 100% plant-based sources – such as minerals, vitamins, and herbs. HSA can make your natural hair care private label dreams come true.


Private label oil-based products for your hair care

What you should know is that HSA Cosmetics can also manufacture hair care products formulated starting from essential and carrier oils, delivering the most amazing results.

Here are two examples:

Private label hair growth oil – you can make the most of the incredible properties that shampoo and hair growth oil can unlock together and develop these hair care products with our private label service, offering your customers the most powerful mix.

Private label argan oil conditioner – mixing the soothing and nurturing properties of argan oil with a conditioner that helps improve the hair and scalp health of your customers is the best choice you can make even in this case.

Private label hair growth serum - they may not work miracles overnight, but serums can greatly enhance hair growth and follicle health. They achieve this by influencing scalp hormones, extending the hair growth cycle, and impacting gene expression related to hair health 

Private label keratin treatment - based on keratin plant and olive or monoil Oil, this treatment offers nourishing, soothing, emollient, and moisturizing properties, enhancing the overall health and appearance of hair.

private label hair growth oil and argan oil conditioner


Where can I find private label hair color manufacturers?

Right here! As you can see, HSA really cares about delivering as many effective lines as possible to protect and maintain color-treated hair. Our private label color cosmetics, in fact, are born from the study and analysis of the latest trends on the market and the most appropriate and non-damaging ingredients.

We are able to offer the widest range of shades and tones that are completely non-damaging to your customers' hair. Our private label hair color lines, in fact, are innovative, eccentric, super long-lasting, and create an authentic explosion of color on the hair.


Private Label Hair Care Manufacturers

If you've scrolled this far, it's probably because all the information we gave you until now wasn't enough to convince you we're private label hair care manufacturers worth the effort, right? Well, although it surprises us — I mean, who wouldn't want to work with us?? — let's further delve into what HSA can do for you and your brand.

• First of all, we take all of your worries away from you. Developing the best private label hair products can put a lot of pressure on cosmetic companies. HSA is a private label hair care manufacturer with 40 years of experience. You'll be in good hands!

• Second of all, we are SO powerful! Why? Because our internal lab is the best in terms of quality, innovation, and effectiveness of formulations. We don't play safe, we go big so that you can sell outstanding private label hair care lines.

• Finally, we got the strategic thinking every private label hair care manufacturer should have. You can count on us to conquer the market share you want to be positioned in!

Every step of the way, we'll be there to make your dreams come true and get you to the top of the beauty industry! If you want to know more on this topic, you should take a look at this article:


Choose private label instead of white label hair care products!

Professional brands must know that hair care cosmetics and white label are two concepts that should not be combined. Why? Because it’s definitely not the best way to get known on the market!

White label hair care products are the easiest and cheapest way to bring your brand to the public, but at the same time it’s not a quality choice: the effectiveness of this kind of hair care is much lower compared to private label, and the uniqueness of the products is basically non-existent.

That’s because creating hair care with white labels means accepting that your products are mass-produced and sold to many other brands. You won’t be able to customize them nor have full control over their formulations.

So, repeat with me: hair products and white label must never be used by professionals and brands in the same sentence – or worse, by private label manufacturers of hair care!

You don't know what white label means? Find out:


Private label hair care


Created in 1982 in Varese in the heart of Europe, we are specialized in the production and marketing of cutting-edge products for trichology and cosmetics, personalized for worldwide brands. Contact us to become one of our customer partners and start a brand new private label hair care line, or ask for a contract manufacturing collaboration if you need it.


Do you believe your point of view is unique? We are not only cosmetics suppliers, we are also able to realize your personal private label hair care line, surpassing your expectations: we offer targeted advice for each stage of product creation and launch and recommend the best way to achieve your goals in the most suitable market.

Starting a private label hair care line

Your dream is to develop your own hair care products line. But which steps do you have to follow? If you have the right mentor and the passion, you can start a successful hair care line and produce your own private label hair care products.

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We live in more than 90 countries with a portfolio of own professional hair care brands as retail skin care brands conceived and distributed by the company. The essence, the know-how and the ultimate technologies of HSA exist synergistically in hair care and skin care.