We have implemented a corporate sustainability policy to improve the impact on the environment of all our activities and suppliers collaborating with us. These are some concrete and practical actions to implement our green strategy:

  • 50% of the energy used comes from the photovoltaic panels installed on all corporate buildings.

  • Charging stations for electric cars are installed in the company yard to encourage their use.

  • Short Supply Chain since 90% of packaging and packing materials are purchased in Italy.

  • Some raw materials are purchased locally, km 0, to avoid polluting transport and support local businesses. For example, for some product lines we use chestnut honey typical of our territory and produced by local farms.

  • We calculate the carbon footprint for some product lines to assess their harmful CO2 emissions. The aim is to initiate compensation projects through reforestation of some areas of the world that most require it. The first project is linked to our brand Eslabondexx.

  • For some years now, we have adopted a Clean Care approach providing for the use of as many natural ingredients as possible, in combination with synthetic ingredients that are not harmful to man or the environment.

  • We communicate how to use water in a conscious way both through the product and the advertising materials, to avoid wasting this increasingly valuable resource.

  • We work to reduce the impact of packaging, eliminating overly heavy or bulky secondary and primary packaging. We decided not to use any more cellophane film in the packaging of hair dyes, resulting in a saving of about 15 tons of plastic per year.
  • We know the new sustainable materials and green plastics that we implement in the new packaging.

  • We use FSC cardboard boxes (FSC: Forest Stewardship Council).

  • We are applying on each product the symbols of the packaging material along with the indications of the waste separate collection.

  • Sustainability also means social commitment, that is why we distribute free sanitizing gel in all schools in our territory to contribute to our local administration.