Luxury private label cosmetics

High performance cosmetic products can become real jewels, if you use the right formula. What if your beauty line became a luxury private label cosmetic line?

Just think about all the luxury ingredients existing in the beauty industry, like gold, stem cells, prebiotics and probiotics, essential oils, and so on. You can create your custom formulations or you can start from a ready composition by choosing among thousands of formulas.

Our path in the field of beauty industry has no equal, we have been working for years with companies of the highest level.

Start producing high-end cosmetics that will truly talk about you.
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Luxury private label skin care line

Diamonds on your skin? Of course you can.
HSA Cosmetics constantly creates new formulas and textures to enable skin care and beauty brands to grow and to be innovative and dynamic, including luxury private label skin care products in their cosmetic lines.

As a private label skin care manufacturer, we develop high quality beauty products, thanks to our years of experience in formulating products in the cosmetics field, our creativity and just a pinch of flair.

See our latest private label skin care lines


Luxury private label hair care products

Make your hair glow, look for perfection.
Top quality ingredients, formulas and the right packaging will give your brand a sophisticated look that will catch your potential customers. You only have to tell us what you wish your luxury private label hair care line to be. Which ingredients, which fragrances, which kind of appearance you would like to achieve?

Don’t be afraid to dream big, we can help you. The excellent know-how in the development of packaging and finished products are an important strength of our company. We can respond promptly to any brand partner needs, even in the luxury and high-end field.

See our latest private label hair care lines


Launch your luxury cosmetic line with us

Starting a luxury private label cosmetic line with HSA Cosmetics is such a wonderful experience, believe us.

We work really hard to identify the best solutions, because we don’t have clients, we have partners.
All the products we create are designed to ensure the well-being and the most magical experience of your customers, with a special attention for the safety of our planet.

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