HSA Cosmetics is a private label skin care manufacturer whose wonderful products are established on the international market. We strive to find new, innovative formulas for your professional brand to get ahead of the competition. And thanks to over 30 years of experience, we are able to get you to the top!

We are no white label skin care manufacturer. On the contrary, we focus our efforts on the creation of unique private label skin care lines entirely made in Italy. Our internal lab operates with one simple rule: no standardization, only customization.

Because HSA is the private label skin care manufacturer that meets all your production requirements and takes the matter of inclusivity very seriously: each and every one of your customers must have their special private label skin care products, specifically designed to treat their issues.

Private label body care products

Our strengths? A wealth of about 1000 formulas for private label skin care and excellent know-how in the development of packaging and finished products. We are the private label skin care manufacturers you are looking for, because we are capable of anything, responding to any brand partner's needs.

Private label facial products are not the only thing we manufacture, because our potential is limitless: we also provide hair and body care lines!

We constantly create new formulas and textures at international fairs to enable skin care brands to grow and to be innovative and dynamic.

Here below are the latest private label skin care collections: high-quality products that were made thanks to our years of experience in the cosmetics field and our creativity.

HSA Cosmetics Anti-Pollution Collection


Detoxifying Anti-Pollution Products
Air pollution is prematurely aging the faces of city dwellers by accelerating wrinkles and age spots, according to emerging scientific research.

HSA Cosmetics has developed a complete anti-pollution detoxifying skin care and body care system for face, body, and hair with a double action: Hydration & Age-Prevention.



There’s no time to wait for effective results on the skin!

Do everyday rhythms impose tight times?
One mistake to not commit is to sacrifice facial care, modify the usual beauty routine to gain a few minutes. Instead, we need to learn to optimize the time by choosing fast and multitasking products.


Private label anti aging products

Don’t even think for one second that HSA Cosmetics doesn’t care about each and every skin type! In fact, we can also manufacture private label anti aging products for your brand!

What’s the main cause of skin aging? Wrinkles, age spots, and dryness are the consequence of several factors:

time, because we inevitably get older
• sunlight, which is good because it helps the skin absorb and synthesize vitamin D, but is also bad because it prematurely damages the skin
• smoking, one of the main causes of wrinkles on smokers’ faces
• air pollution, which – according to recent scientific research – accelerates skin aging mostly for city dwellers

To face this issue and fight these aggressors, HSA Cosmetics constantly develops hundreds of formulas. Our private label anti aging products take into account the needs of every individual and every brand that works with us.

This is how we are able to deliver effective and top-notch cosmetics that protect the skin and nourish it at the same time. Our private label anti aging products stand out for their incredible ingredients and performance. So, if you decide to work with us, you won’t be disappointed.

HSA Cosmetics Age Balancing Collection


Pre and Probiotics: the first allies of Age balancing

The most recent scientific and technological studies in dermatology have spread the knowledge of the microbiota, which is the population of good bacteria that live in our body and therefore also on our skin, and that contribute to keep it healthy and balanced.

HSA Cosmetics developed skincare products with these special allies, from research and development to the manufacturing process.

No white label skin care manufacturer in sight

As we mentioned earlier, white label skin care products are not our business. Why? Because they won’t allow personalization, their choice is limited, and they are not perceived very well on the market.

People look for uniqueness, effectiveness, and special products, not for something standardized and bland.

And HSA wants to be responsive to what people need. So, we put our focus on becoming the best private label skin manufacturer ever!

Choosing us as your partner is definitely the right call because no white label skin care manufacturer can offer you the same high-quality service as we do. If you’re a brand looking for innovation and reliability, drop those white label skin care products and come to HSA!


We're private label manufacturers only

Our skin care lines have no equals

White label cosmetic products are off the table when it comes to private label skin care. As manufacturers in the cosmetic world, we strive to guarantee the utmost level of customization to our clients. White label would completely go against our mission of making your brand unique and special.

In order to reach the top of the market, in fact, one needs to customize their products down to every little detail: not only in terms of ingredients and formulations but also for packaging and aesthetics. HSA can help you better define your full private label skin care line from manufacturing to market launch.

Get to know more about HSA as a private label skin care manufacturer on this page:



We started our journey of private label manufacturers in 1982 in Varese, in the heart of Europe. We develop and manufacture personal care products in the tricologic and cosmetic sectors, personalized for worldwide brands.

Custom manufacturing is our favourite thing: tell us how you dream product should be, we will create a custom formulation. Or you can choose among hundreds of skincare formulas, if it makes you feel better.

Contact us to become one of our customer partner and start a brand new private label skincare line.


Do you believe your point of view is unique?

We are not only cosmetics suppliers, we are also able to realize your personal private label skincare products, surpassing your expectations: we offer targeted advice for each stage of product creation and launch and recommend the best way to achieve your goals in the most suitable market.

Wondering how we can create a skin care line for your brand? Learn more here.

We can also support you in private label and contract manufacturing, product development, formulation production or any step of you need to improve. Your skin care product line will be stronger than ever.

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We live in more than 90 countries with a portfolio of own professional hair care brands as retail skin care brands conceived and distributed by the company. The essence, the know-how and the ultimate technologies of HSA exist synergistically in hair care and skin care.