Private label hair growth oil is a product that must not be missed. Can you believe a single drop contains the way to stimulate hair growth and make new, healthy hair flourish on your customers’ heads?

Better ask a private label manufacturer to develop a hair growth oil for your hair care line. And guess what? HSA might be the one you’re looking for 😉


Hair growth oil: the possibilities of a private label

Innovation and variety must be at the core of every brand and professional’s offer. Customers nowadays look exactly for this: hair care products they’ve never seen before and that are available in different solutions – of course, with excellent performance.

Private label hair growth oil falls right into this category. This innovative product is bound to be a rising trend in the hair care market, yet not everyone knows what it is and why use it. Now, I bet you’re interested in offering your clients something they’ve never seen before, aren’t you?

With HSA Cosmetics, you can make this dream come true in the best possible way. As private label manufacturers, we can help you develop a hair growth oil with a high-quality and effective formula and customize it in terms of:
• ingredients
• textures
• packaging

Our in-house lab has the ultimate goal to create sensational product lines that will sweep your customers off their feet – completely according to your needs.

So why don’t we start now? Let us manufacture your private label hair growth oil!

private label hair growth oil


What is hair growth oil and why develop it with a private label manufacturer

Private label hair growth oil is a product that everyone should include in their hair care routine. Why? Because hair is daily stressed by environmental and health factors, such as:
• harsh weather conditions
• excessive heat exposure
• too many hair treatments
• lack of care and nourishment

Because of these factors, hair tends to fall. The solution is developing a hair growth oil with a private label: this oil is specifically formulated to prevent hair loss and stimulate the birth of new hair.

Hair growth oils usually have a double action:
• stimulate hair growth
• hydrate hair and scalp

In fact, dryness is the first cause of hair loss – thus the arch-enemy to defeat. With a private label hair growth oil, you can rest assured that your customer’s heads will unlock unprecedented beauty and health. That’s because professional manufacturers can guarantee high-quality processes, safe formulations, and effective results.

That’s what HSA to develop a hair growth oil through our private label service means! Drugstore and cheap online product lines have nothing to do with our incredible creations. And most importantly, you get to decide what your oil will look like!


Too many ingredients for your hair growth oil and you can’t decide? Let HSA’s private label service help you with that!

hair growth oil


Ingredients you can choose from for your private label hair growth oil

Are you curious to know how to develop a private label hair growth oil? Let us introduce you to its formulation. When developing hair oil, it’s important to use the most suitable components and achieve the perfect texture – not too dense, not too liquid.

So, in order to get the best texture and the most mesmerizing fragrance, these are the main ingredients you might want to include in your hair growth oil when formulating it with a private label service:

natural oils, such as argan, castor, tea tree, jojoba, and coconut oil, which hydrate, moisturize, and give gloss to the strands – from roots to tips

hair butter, such as tamanu butter, mango, and shea butter, which hydrate and strengthen damaged hair

seed extracts, such as grape and quinoa seeds, which are renowned as strong moisturizers, sealants, and heat protectors

root extracts, such as Morus alba, basil, and ginger root, which prevent hair loss, make the mane look thicker, and restore hair follicle health

caffeine, which stimulates hair growth and makes the locks softer and shinier

lactic acid, which improves overall hair and scalp health while stimulating root growth


hair growth oil private label


Private Label hair growth oil: there’s so much more to discover!

We saw that hair growth oil is a must-have in our haircare routine and HSA can be your best ally in its manufacturing. 

But that’s not all. Hair growth oil is not the only one HSA is specialized in

We can develop a wide range of hair oils able to satisfy so many needs, as well as personalized treatments and products to obtain the best hair product ever.

But let's go in order.


HSA Private Label hair oils

As you well know, HSA focuses on products that are not only extremely efficient but also sustainable. For this reason, you can manufacture with us different oils containing only natural ingredients for beautiful, healthy, and environmentally friendly hair.

Here you can find some of our solutions:

Argan oil - with super hydrating properties, this oil is perfect for people who suffer from tackle dryness, dandruff, and hair breakage. Take a look also at our Private Label Argan Oil Conditioner!

Aloe vera oil – has antifungal and soothing properties and moisturizes the hair while stimulating its growth

• Almond oil – which contains vitamin B7 and is a perfect heat protector 

Jojoba oil – thanks to vitamins C, B, E, copper, and zinc, this oil can add moisture to the hair, preventing dandruff

• Coconut oil – which helps avoid frizz and damage thanks to lauric acid, that not only nourishes but also conditions the hair 

• Sesame oil – which helps against aging and hair loss, but also dandruff, dryness, and damage, protecting also against UV rays

• Olive oil – which prevents split ends and, as it contains squalene and oleic acid, it increases hair elasticity and flexibility

• Sunflower oil – guarantees hydration and makes hair stronger and ticker 




Our personalized treatments

In addition to oil manufacturing, HSA can also suggest customized product combinations to treat any hair problem and ensure healthy growth.

Let’s some examples:

Moisture treatment: the best solution is the combination of moisturizing shampoo + nourishing conditioner + long-lasting moisturizing mask with jojoba oil

Curly hair treatment: in this case, the products to use include ingredients such as Vitamin C and E, shea butter, argan, and sweet almond oil. The best mix is composed of a great number of products: shampoo, conditioner, mask, molding gel, curl-defining spray, and curl mousse.

Color maintenance: to keep hair color at its best, our advice is to do treatments that include: moisturizing color maintenance shampoo + moisturizing color maintenance balm + nourishing color maintenance mask(with jojoba oil)


The best oil for the best result

Last but not least, HSA can create the most suitable product and even entire collections of different products not just limited to oils, based on what the end user's needs might be.

Here you can see how certain scalp problems can be solved with the right oil:

Dry Scalp: the best solution is almond oil combined with other antioxidants like vitamin E and fatty acids

Dandruff: here you should use coconut oil, olive, jojoba, or avocado oil to apply overnight once a week

Volume: argan and jasmine oils are perfect for thicker and healthier hair without overloading on styling products

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