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How to create a cosmetic brand in 10 simple steps

Have you ever wondered about creating a cosmetic brand but immediately gave up because you had no idea where to start? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. HSA is specialized in cosmetic manufacturing and can most definitely clear up all doubts about that.

Bleached hair
Is bleaching still a thing? Sure, but careful

They say all good things come to an end. That’s not always true. Sometimes, if we’re like, even bad things come to an end. And luckily for us, 2020 will see the end of bleaching. Not all of it, of course. But you can say goodbye to those extreme, excessive, burn-the-hair-out-of-your-scalp, horrifying bleaching operations. Say hi to a new bleaching era!

Hair color? Me, but better
What hair colors for 2020? Me, but better is the upcoming trend

Staying on top of hair color trends, year after year, has become increasingly harder. Trends mix up and are continuously contaminating one another, in a multitude of different and ever-changing ways, so that once you finally get to one, it’s already gone. Well, not this year. Not with us.

Personalization is the future of haircare
Hair is personal, and so should haircare be: why personalization is key

The “have it your way” philosophy has been in the food industry for years: you can customize your burger, your sandwich, even your poke bowl. So, now that technology can help us out, why not apply this to haircare as well? You can have your own shampoo and conditioner. Is that even a thing? Oh yeah: personalization is here, and it’s here to stay.

Happy scalp
Happy scalp, happy life: how a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair

The saying goes “happy wife, happy life”: well, we think that needs to be revised a little. When it comes to healthy hair, many people tend to underestimate the importance of a healthy scalp. Hello: those two are as intertwined as the white and red strips on a candy cane. Let us show you how.

Let's talk proper beauty!
The official guide to a correct beauty vocabulary: let’s talk proper beauty!

One of the (many) problems of modern-day people is that we have too many options, everywhere, in everything we do. Think about it: menus with 10 pages; endless aisles of cereals; a thousand different shades of nail polish at the nail salon: SO MANY OPTIONS. And skincare is no exception.

Blessed be protective hair products: they will literally save your hair

When it comes to hair care, everybody wants shine, volume, silkiness and body. And while some people are simply born that way (yay for them…), others need to put in extra work and care. If that’s the case, don’t worry: there are specific products that can help out with that. Ever heard of protective hair products? Let’s take a look at them.

Sustainable cosmetics: 3 ways to recognize them immediately

When the world calls for help, cosmetic manufacturers can answer with sustainable cosmetics: products with environmentally friendly formulations, production practices and packaging methods. However, not everybody on the market plays fair. Here is how you can recognize real sustainable cosmetics in a heartbeat, not only to feel good about yourself but to make the world feel better as well.

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We live in more than 90 countries with a portfolio of own professional hair care brands as retail skin care brands conceived and distributed by the company. The essence, the know-how and the ultimate technologies of HSA exist synergistically in hair care and skin care.