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Learn how to produce cosmetics for men: here’s what they are looking for!

The way men care for their beards has changed over time: from counter-culture to indie-rock, all the way to the more diffuse new conception of male beauty. Today’s man takes care of his skin, hair and beard, but always gives preference to simplicity. How can we produce cosmetics that will win the hearts of the male mob? In this article we’ll give you a list of products you should focus on and the ingredients you should use.

Design your own cosmetic packaging (or not?)

Now that you’ve found the way towards the formula for your product, it’s time to pick an outfit for the great ball that fits the product like a glove. Remember that first impressions mean a lot, and your product’s packaging is the very first thing a consumer will lay eyes on. What should you do so that the design of your packaging makes clients think “OMG I WANT THIS”? You've come to the right place. Here are some of our tips to create the perfect packaging for your cosmetics.

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Let’s bust some myths about how to start a natural skin care line

Choosing a natural approach is a great move to launch a new skin care line and we fully support your choice! But here, there and everywhere, the world of cosmetics is peppered with prejudices you shouldn’t listen to before you kick start your project. Read our article and discover our secrets.

Skincare trends for 2020: get ready!

Tomorrow the penultimate month of this 2019 begins. We can already hear the fateful phrases in the distance:

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How to create a hair product: 5 steps to consider before diving in the deep

Before you dive head first into the launching of your hair product, have you done your homework? Make sure you have a very clear plan to follow. These are the 5 steps we suggest you follow.

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How to start a cosmetic line with no money: our tips

So you’ve decided to dive in: you want to launch a cosmetic line with your signature on it. The only problem is, you don’t have enough money to do things exactly the way you want. What should you do then?

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The next cosmetic trends will celebrate natural beauty. Join the party!

Beauty that is inspired on nature and on plants is literally blooming. New cosmetics are using more nd more natural ingredients, taking hair and skin to their own natural splendor, without artificial props. What’s waiting for us in the future?

Once and for all: why is it bad to sleep without removing your makeup?

On Saturday you come home at 4 a.m. and you can't wait to get into bed… In the morning you wake up all crumpled, my little panda.

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