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Organic private label skin care

An organic private label skincare company can turn your ideas into concrete products, it can make your dreams come true with natural and organic solutions for your new skincare line.

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4 reasons to focus your private label on natural skin care

As you’ll have learned from our articles on 2019 beauty trends, the road that brands are taking is that of nature on the skin.

principale- stress damage skin
Can stress really damage your skin? (Spoiler: yep)

Many people say it, you've certainly heard it said over and over again: stress makes people older and their physical appearance worse. Is it all a lie or is there a background of truth?

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Get super cool cosmetic brand name ideas out of your brain

So you’ve officially decided to make an impression in the world of cosmetics? Welcome to the club! But now you must face one of the most decisive phases for the success of your business: choosing the perfect brand name.

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Know your business: discover the latest hair care industry trends

The greatest hair care brands have banded together to defend minimalism when it comes to hair care.
Minimalism is a quest for the relationship between the self, the space, and society, in their natural coexistence. No frills, no glitter, no sequins, just a proud formula that is effective in enhancing what already exists and that appreciates the differences. These are the trends we should embrace:

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Private label hair care

Each person is unique, thinks in their own way, follows their own ideas, have their own personal needs. It’s often hard to find a product or a line of products capable of giving you what you really need and solve your problem.

Items to make your Mondays less stressful

You're one of those people who hates Monday. Grumble, dark circles, grim eyes and trouble talking to you before 11 am?

How to develop a hair product line

How do you develop a new hair product line? What’s the best moment to do it? What’s the meaning of life? Too many questions, insufficient answers, the world is unfair. The world of beauty, at least.


More than 120 hair care and skin care brands joined us, ask information to discover the partner approach of the one and only private label cosmetic company that connect you with your dreams.

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We live in more than 90 countries with a portfolio of own professional hair care brands as retail skin care brands conceived and distributed by the company. The essence, the know-how and the ultimate technologies of HSA exist synergistically in hair care and skin care.