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We are Italian cosmetic manufacturers specialized in the manufacturing of private label hair care and skin care products for beauty brands worldwide. We are currently working in 90 different countries from all over the world and, as versatile cosmetic manufacturers, offer our partners a full private label service.

What does it mean? That we are extremely versatile and flexible cosmetic manufacturers, and we do whatever it takes to produce the best cosmetic products for customer brands. Not only do we give you marketing contribution for the development of your private label cosmetics or white label cosmetics (and packaging), but we also meet the needs and requests of every single client, differentiating the type of intervention and collaboration. Sounds wonderful, right?

We are a cosmetic line supplier specialized in the production and delivery of private label cosmetics, for both haircare and skincare. But we certainly don't stop here.
In addition to bulk production, we also take care of filling the products inside the packaging supplied by you. Packaging and labeling are also a plus we can offer to achieve a complete service for our partners. 

Last, but not least, we provide a full service: from the production of private label cosmetics to the filling and packaging of the products. What a dream!

Hair care products: example of minimum order quantity

HAIR COLORS: 100 KG per color.
OTHER PRODUCTS (shampoo, conditioner, etc.): starting from 500/1000 KG and more, depending on the product.
HAIR COLORS: 1700 pieces per 60 ml color tube per multiple colors project. 1000 pieces per 100 ml color tube per multiple colors project.
OTHER PRODUCTS (shampoo, conditioner, etc.): starting from 5000 pieces and more, depending on the product and on the packaging.

Skin care products: example of minimum order quantity

Starting from 200 KG for all types of product.
Starting from 5000/10000 pieces and more, depending on the products and packaging.

- Private label -


Created in 1982 (you read that right: more than 30 years of experience) in Varese, we are specialized in the production and marketing of cutting-edge private label cosmetics in the hair and cosmetic sectors, personalized for worldwide beauty brands and cosmetics companies who want to smash the market.

We are amongst the highest quality cosmetic manufacturers in Europe. We manufacture in Italy to preserve a long-established tradition of quality and authenticity, recognized by many different brands all over the world. We are also globetrotters, did you know that? We are present in 90 countries on the 5 continents and we are very proud of all the brands that trust our private label cosmetics. Discover how to become one of our partners.



We are not afraid to try new approaches and trends. Our dynamic approach aims at helping our clients explore and experiment with different formulas and textures for their personal care products, to enable brands to grow, evolve, and become a shining star in the sky of cosmetics.
Every single one of our private label cosmetics is manufactured with care and attention, to be as innovative and as original as possible, within the needs of every client. Yes, we love to cuddle our beauty products.

We work really hard to develop quality private label cosmetics that can enhance the competitiveness of our clients in the hair care or skin care industry, even in specific fields such as luxury private label cosmetics.



When we say "beauty", we say "green".

As cosmetic manufacturers, we care about the environment and we want our private label cosmetics to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We pay attention to sustainability issues and, in developing safe and effective cosmetic products, the safety and preservation of the environment are at the top of our priorities.

So if your want to respect our planet, let's be friends!



When it comes to the quality of our private label beauty products, we have a zero-tolerance policy. Our incredibly strict quality control procedure is brought forward with meticulous attention to make sure that all the cosmetic products that we sell respect the standards required by our clients. Also, we make sure that all of our private label cosmetics are made with the utmost respect for the hygiene and health standards, set by international law.

Here are the phases of our quality control process.

Control of incoming raw materials

Control of incoming packaging

Online control of production, filling and packaging

Control of finished products

Control of stability, compatibility and functionality testing


We like to do things properly. Which is why our internal regulatory affairs division works hard to ensure full compliance with regulations, laws, and legislation on an international level, making sure that the distribution of our private label cosmetics is performed correctly in more than 90 countries.

Our commitment as cosmetic manufacturers also includes these activities:

Development of high quality new raw materials and validation of usability in cosmetic product lines

Verification of the ingredients and texts included in all cosmetic products’ labels

Drafting of the complete dossier, with all technical and toxicological information

Establishment of direct relationships with national authorities to check permissions and requests for product marketing and production



We aim to be the most sought after and desired cosmetic manufacturers, thanks to our ability to connect customers with their dreams: we offer a full line of services, unexpected pioneering product concepts, high-quality private label products, formulas, and design, bringing simple brands towards their transformation into beloved and successful brands.
As a private label cosmetics manufacturer, we always work hard to reach the highest standards and discover new solutions to offer to our customers.

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In partnership with Abiby, a subscription Beauty Box and e-commerce beauty platform, HSA offers its clients the opportunity to launch start distributing their cosmetic products internationally, in Italy and Spain, by providing a discovery platform.

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