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If you are looking for the highest quality in cosmetic manufacturing, you definitely have to find a partner in Europe, the home where the beauty industry was born.

HSA Cosmetics has its headquarter in Italy, the second leading exporter of cosmetics worldwide right after France.

Wanna hear something interesting? The study center of Cosmetica Italia states that all brands, from the largest to the smallest, from Russia to Australia, entrust the production of makeup and creams to Italian companies, which are not only responsible for packaging, but also the design of innovative solutions and formulas. Not to mention the guaranteed high quality.

Still wondering if choosing a European partner is still a good idea? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Why choose a European cosmetic manufacturer?

Selling cosmetics in Europe is not as simple as you may believe.
First of all, if you aim to sell your hair care or skin care products in this continent you have to respect all the laws and regulations of the European Union.

In Europe, many cosmetic ingredients that are considered safe and legal in the United States are against regulations. Be sure to check with your private label cosmetic manufacturer that all of the ingredients in their products (unless you purchase the formula yourself or bring your own formula to the supplier) are safe and legal to use in the country you plan to sell your products.

Long story short: you have to find someone who has to do with these complicated product regulations every day. Let’s take for instance quality control. These are the tests required by the EU:

- Stability tests
- Microbiological testing
- Dermatological tests
- Evaluation of weight, color, odor, viscosity, PH

Furthermore, a European cosmetic manufacturer can support you and can give you advice about placing a cosmetic and personal care product on the European market. If you don’t know exactly which strategy to keep, a partnership like this can help you a lot.

Get your private label cosmetics in Europe

There’s a reason why most of the world’s private label cosmetics are manufactured in Europe. Most of the biggest and most renowned cosmetic manufacturers are located in Europe and this is a testament to the high quality of our service, backed up by years of long-established experience.

To be specific, HSA is located in Northern Italy, at the very heart of Europe. Here, we manufacture private label cosmetics for both the European market and the international market, collaborating as partners with cosmetic brands all over the world.

To them, choosing cosmetic manufacturers in Europe is a chance to rely on a partner who knows exactly how the cosmetics industry works and who can help them understand consumers and develop a cosmetic line that will leave them speechless.

HSA Cosmetics, Italian manufacturer since 1982

Here we are, with more than 30 years of experience in 90 world countries. What can we do for you?

- We support our clients from formula adjustment through to industrial production.
- We develop and conceive hundreds of formulas per year to make beauty brands stand out.
- We have a product development approach.

We are ISO 9001 and GMP (ISO 22716) certified for all generic products. We implement quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process of our cosmetic products, from acquiring ingredients through production, to product distribution. 

The final product quality is tested in our own laboratories. EU and FDA regulatory compliance is assured by our regulatory department and in-house Safety Assessor.

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In partnership with Abiby, a subscription Beauty Box and e-commerce beauty platform, HSA offers its clients the opportunity to launch start distributing their cosmetic products internationally, in Italy and Spain, by providing a discovery platform.

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