Professional Brow Tinting Supplies

HSA Cosmetics is one of the first eyebrow tint manufacturers in the game. We can supply you with the professional brow tinting solutions you need through our service – bulk or package filling – and develop from scratch the brow tint you’ve always wanted to offer your customers.



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Our eyebrow tinting supplies

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Do you need eyebrow tinting supplies? We got you

Eyebrow tinting is one of the latest news on the market, and everybody’s thrilled about it. What are we talking about? These professional brow tints are semi-permanent dyes that not only change the brow’s color but also add volume and help achieve a more defined shape.

You can say that having an eyebrow tint supply ready means offering your customers the best companion for mascaras. Basically, these two products work similarly, but tint’s results are much more professional and definitely longer-lasting – let alone that they’re specifically made for brows!

HSA Cosmetics is an eyebrow tint manufacturer that can provide you with the brow tinting supplies you and your customers need. They can get a bolder, shinier, and more tridimensional look with our solutions, while you get to add a unique product to your cosmetic line.

eyebrow tinting supplies


HSA Cosmetics, the eyebrow tint manufacturer you were looking for

As an eyebrow tint manufacturer, we know how to formulate different brow tints and get you the supplies you’re looking for. With HSA, you can ask for endless customization options!

This means that you can choose:
all the colors you want to produce them in
• the ingredients you love – we’ll check their safety and suitability
• the textures and fragrances you wish for
• the type of packaging and applicator of your brow tint supplies

Once the eyebrow tint is finished, here’s the minimum order quantity we can supply you with:
3400 pieces per 30 ml color tube per multiple color projects for full-service finished products
6700 pieces per 15 ml color tube per multiple color projects for full-service finished products
100 kg per color for bulk products

Walk us through your needs and let us help you meet them:

eyebrow tint manufacturer


The results your customers can achieve with professional brow tint supplies

Now, let us show you why supplying your customers with professional brow tints is the best choice you can make. We already told you the definition, gloss, and long-lasting results they offer them, but let’s delve into it a bit more.

The benefits of eyebrow tinting supplies are:
• they guarantee a natural effect – unless you choose bold, vivacious colors to get an eccentric look
• the formula is everything but aggressive and dangerous for brows – in fact, it’s a non-invasive treatment
• they not only work as mascara’s best friends but they can definitely replace eyebrow makeup
• they are compatible with other brow treatments – such as lamination

HSA is a manufacturer that makes all these benefits – and your beauty dreams – come true. So don’t hesitate and reach out to us to create eyebrow tints that’ll make your customers go nuts!

If you want to know more about our professional brow tinting supplies, check this out:

professional brow tint supplies

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