Private label skin care manufacturers offer the most comprehensive service you can ever wish for. Cutting-edge research & development, product formulation, packaging design, and market launch included.

HSA is one of these companies and will follow you every step of the way until you reach the top. Take a closer look at the amazing things we can help you achieve!


HSA, the top international private label skin care manufacturer

As an award-winning private label skin care manufacturer, HSA will make you reach new heights of innovation, quality, and effectiveness, no doubt. Our custom formulations – we have a wide wealth of them – are appreciated both by professionals and customers around the world.

The thing is, you cannot consider yourself a leader in the skin care industry if you cannot guarantee certain services. One of these is certainly an internal lab that analyzes, formulates, and tests the cosmetics you wish to develop.

Private label manufacturing is not limited to the creation of skin care lines, though. In fact, we will support you in the quest for the most unique image for your brand, packaging included. We can help you define the best materials and aesthetics to put your high-quality products under the spotlight.



Private label VS contract manufacturing

Actually, HSA is not only a private label skin care manufacturer but also offers contract manufacturing to professional and retail brands:

private label is the most complete service you can get. We will support you through the formulation, packaging, and launch of your product line while guaranteeing the highest customization possibilities of the cosmetics we develop.

contract manufacturing is similar but more suited to those that only need the outsourcing of their processes: we guarantee the same private label service, but the responsibility and control over finished products are yours.

The private label skin care manufacturer you needed is here!


Here's your generational guide!

Have you ever wondered which beauty preferences each and every generation has? Baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z have different approaches to skin care. Let HSA help you better identify their cosmetic needs!


Choosing a private label skin care manufacturer

If you’ve landed on our website, it’s probably because you typed the right keywords on your search bar and found us amid a range of other international private label skin care manufacturers.

You’re probably wondering if we’re worth the fight or if you should seek some other company. Let me stop you right there: yes, HSA is the manufacturer that will make your dreams come true.

But how can you precisely know if our visions perfectly match? There are a few steps you need to follow to make the best decision:



The necessary steps to follow

1. The first step is research. You’re already halfway through it, ‘cause you’ve found a bunch of private label skin care manufacturers on the internet and you’re interested in them.

2. Check if your budget matches the development prices and the minimum order quantity of the company, in order to assure profit margins for your brand. You can find this information about HSA here: Cosmetics manufacturers

3. Take a look at the FDA regulations that are required for the formulations you wish to create. Whether you want organic, vegan, bio, or other ingredients, you might need specific labels.

4. Find the private label skin care manufacturer that will help you set your target while developing your brand. Creating formulas might not be enough for your vision. With HSA, we’ll take you way further!



What to look for in a private label skin care manufacturer

Okay, so far you’ve focused on finding the private label skin care manufacturer that can meet your production needs. Now, let’s switch points of view and see what these companies should offer you:

high-quality ingredients: some of them are sourced locally, in Italy. Others come from around the world, from reliable sources. Some others are brought to the table by you, and we will test their safety.

safety and regulatory standards: HSA has a zero-tolerance policy. The skin care lines we create are 100% safe and compliant with international regulations. Not only because it’s required, but also because we care about the well-being of our – and your – clientele.

• an environmentally-conscious approach: beauty and sustainability go hand in hand. HSA cares about the planet, thus we’ll help you get the highest possible percentage of cruelty-free, vegan, natural, and other ingredients.


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