Private Label
Eyebrow Tints

Private label eyebrow dyes are a new emerging trend that's gonna fly off the shelves very very soon. So, do you want to pretend you haven't heard about it, or should we start this partnership and develop an incredible line of tints for lashes and brows? I bet you'll agree the second option is the best one 😉


There’s a new trend in town: private label eyebrow dyes

If your customers are fond of hair dye, here’s a new trend they’re gonna definitely fall in love with: it’s eyebrow tints! It seems like lashes and brows have started feeling jealous about all the attention colored hair gets, so they wanted a type of dye just for them!

And who are we not to please them? Many private label manufacturers are currently developing gentle and sensitive tints specifically for eyebrows and eyelashes, which are going to be available in endless shades of color.

What’s important about the formulation is that it won’t irritate the skin nor make any lashes fall. No itching and no hair loss in sight! Their application is super easy and quick, and their effect is long-lasting.

So, if I were you I’d think deeply about developing private label eyebrow dyes, ‘cause they’re hands down the future of hair color cosmetics! You just need to find the right manufacturing partner…

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Brow and lash tints: manufacture them with a private label service!

HSA Cosmetics, the best manufacturer of private label eyebrow and lash tints, ever heard of it? Of course you have! Here, we take color products very seriously. Our dyes and tints are carefully and thoroughly studied and tested by our in-house experts, who deliver new hair color formulations every day!

What will you find in our private label eyebrow dyes?
the safest and most suitable ingredients that won’t hurt your customers’ facial skin
the quality and accuracy of our manufacturing processes
the most varied color palette

But that’s not all: HSA is also able to offer a big fat customization service! Tell us what you wish, and we’ll make it come true: do you have a specific ingredient in mind? Do you want special packaging for your lash tints? What about texture, any preferences?

We’ll answer all these questions together and help you bring the most amazing private label eyebrow tint line to life. Trust the experience and know-how of a manufacturer that has been working in this industry for over 40 years!

Do you want to know more about brow dyes? Check this out:

Get ahead of the market with this trend!

Find out more about private label eyebrow tints and let’s develop your next gobsmacking line together!

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