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Created in 1982 in Varese in the heart of Europe, HSA Cosmetics is an Italian private label cosmetics manufacturer specializing in the production and marketing of cutting-edge cosmetic products.

Everything started with a dream: founded by the Zanzi family with the aim of developing important expertise in hair color, HSA has now expanded its range of hair care, face and body products. Nowadays, HSA has become the ideal marketing partner for companies that intend to adopt a 360-degree beauty approach to their brands and want to rock the cosmetic market by creating something unique.

Think about the most beautiful things in Italy: fashion, monuments, food...
Now bring the beautiful sensation they give to you and place them in the cosmetic field. What you get is the perfect partner to work with.

HSA is the private label cosmetics manufacturer that creates and manufactures in Italy to protect originality recognized the world over. We are present in 90 countries on 5 continents, helping beauty brands with their private label skin care and hair care lines.



HSA is reaching for the sky. We want to be the most sought after and desired private label cosmetic manufacturer in the beauty industry thanks to our ability to connect customers with their dreams. We offer unexpected pioneering product concepts, formulas, design, and full service to make your brand shine like the brightest of the stars.

As a private label cosmetics manufacturer, we always work hard to reach the highest standards and discover new solutions to offer to our customers. We can transform your cosmetic lines into beloved and successful beauty brands.



We design concepts and product lines for haircare and skincare dedicated to brands with a high level of personalization, enabling each customer company to be unique and distinctive in its own reference market with steady growth.

With a consolidated thirty-year international experience, we are the private label cosmetics manufacturer that delivers quality, creativity, and security in customer projects and inspires them to spread innovative and profitable beauty concepts.

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The cosmetic revolution

The next generation of cosmetics is a reality in HSA's philosophy: as a private label cosmetics and hair care manufacturer, we don't just want to create new skincare or haircare products - and stop.
We want to create a lifestyle that brings you and your unique characteristics under the spotlight. Yourself, but better!

No longer invasive, homologous, standardized cosmetics, but balanced, delicate, trendy cosmetic solutions. Celebrate your natural beauty instead of covering it, aligning it to the average, and becoming a plain Jane. This is the HSA Cosmetics way of life!


We believe in intense and effective relationships with our customers, who we consider to be true partners.
That’s why we do not consider ourselves a basic private label cosmetics manufacturer that only provides products. We offer a complete service to create value for brands, from the study of trends and strategic marketing proposals to research, development and realisation of unique and customised product concepts.


We build and support brands with quality strategies and hair care and skin care products that come from the constant synergy between science and style. Internal research and development laboratories are constantly studying the most innovative cosmetic trends; the marketing divisions are inspired by design, creativity and Italian style.
Pioneering technology and vision together with the culture of what is beautiful create original and attractive brands and products.


The cosmetic world evolves at the speed of light: we can do it, too!

30 years of partnership with more than 120 brands in 90 countries around the world allow us to develop concepts and products with speed and optimisation of costs and deliveries. A wealth of about 1000 haircare and skincare formulas and an excellent know-how in the development of packaging and finished products are an important strength of our company, capable of responding promptly to any brand partner needs.

Me to You

Unilateral relationship between the company and customers in which you have the continuous presentation of products that help create the PRODUCT BRAND.

We to We

Our approach with the customer is to constantly share ideas, concepts and strategies that are developed with intense synergy between the business, marketing and R&D departments. HSA and customers are a single subject from which BRAND VALUES are born.


Our way of life:  from «me to you» to «we to we» strategy

An important point of distinction of our «we to we» strategy: bilateral exchange of information & experiences

Dedicated sales consultant

Dedicated customer care

Dedicated Project manager

Dedicated R&D Developer

Strategic and operational marketing division at the customers disposal


We live in more than 90 countries with a portfolio of own professional hair care brands as retail skin care brands conceived and distributed by the company. The essence, the know-how and the ultimate technologies of HSA exist synergistically in hair care and skin care.

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In partnership with Abiby, a subscription Beauty Box and e-commerce beauty platform, HSA offers its clients the opportunity to launch start distributing their cosmetic products internationally, in Italy and Spain, by providing a discovery platform.

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