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Skin care & hair care finished cosmetic products

HSA Cosmetics is a private label cosmetic company specializing in the manufacturing of skin & hair care products that are waiting to be added to your cosmetic line. We can offer you the most complete service you will find on the market!

When developing new products for your brand, you can choose to opt for finished products or a bulk or refilling service.

Here are the minimum order quantities required for full service finished products:

Skin care cosmetics
• Starting from 3000 pieces

Hair care cosmetics
60 ml hair color products: 1700 color tubes per multiple colors project
100 ml hair color products: 1000 color tubes per multiple colors project
Every other product: starting from 5000 pieces

The manufacturing of bulk cosmetics

If you were looking for bulk manufacturing of skin and hair cosmetics, you’re in the right place. HSA will take care of the bulk production and product filling of everything you need from our developing capabilities.

Here are the minimum order quantities required for bulk products:

Skin care products
Serums and eye products: starting from 50 kg
Every other product: starting from 200 kg

Hair care products
Hair color: 100 kg per color
Every other product: starting from 500-1000 kg


An in-house lab for the safest and most effective formulations

How does our incredible service translate? Basically, all of HSA’s assets will be at your complete disposal. First and foremost, our in-house lab! Not every brand has an internal laboratory where it can develop its own product.

You can use ours and take advantage of our specialists’ knowledge! Our approach is profoundly based on constant research & development, which leads to the most effective formulation you can ever find. This process:

• starts with the ingredients, textures, and fragrances you want to use
• proceeds with accurate testing on quality and safety
• ends with the development of the product you have envisioned, head to toe

No matter which manufacturing requirements you have. We will make sure that your needs are 100% met.

Endless unique packaging options

Not only do we provide you with exceptional formulations, but we also dress them up with the most proper packaging options! Did you think the development of your cosmetics was enough? Nope, we’re only halfway!

Packaging is an important part of every skin & hair care product, both in terms of materials and aesthetics. You can choose sustainable and long-lasting materials, such as aluminum or cardboard, and add them your logo and your colors to them, and make your creative expression shine.

We know very well which kinds of packaging are the most preferred on the market and the ones that will match your point of you. Just tell us your wishes and we'll make them come true!

The strategy that will catch everyone's attention

Did you think we were done telling you about our services? Well, we're not! Last but not least, we help you launch your products on the market in the most effective way.

You can really count on our deep knowledge of the skin and hair care industries to find the perfect target. You can rest assured that your products will fly off the shelves!

Being aware of what your potential customers want and need is the foundation of our job and your success. With HSA Cosmetics' skin and hair products, you will sweep your customers off their feet and reach new business heights.

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In partnership with Abiby, a subscription Beauty Box and e-commerce beauty platform, HSA offers its clients the opportunity to launch start distributing their cosmetic products internationally, in Italy and Spain, by providing a discovery platform.

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