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Private label organic hair care products: what are they?

Let’s start with a definition: private label organic hair care products are those formulated starting from ingredients that have not been grown using chemical, synthetic, or genetically modified elements.

They either can be animal or plant-based components, but what’s important is that they are 100% organically grown, so there’s zero use of synthetic products stimulating their growth.

Organic private label hair care represents a huge market share. It’s become all the rage over the past few years, mostly from people aiming to cut out all the chemical components in their hair care routine while embracing less processed solutions – in the highest possible percentage, at least.

Also, they offer incredible benefits, such as:
• they’re free from dangerous chemicals
• they’re safe on the hair and scalp
• they’re more eco-friendly
their quality-price ratio is stronger

Which products are customers mainly looking for on the market that HSA Cosmetics can manufacture for you?
• a private label organic shampoo
• a private label organic conditioner
• a private label organic hair oil


Private label organic shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner are the basic steps of every hair care routine. For many people out there, they are even the only steps! So you get why it’s so important that they deliver their results in the best possible way.

Private label organic shampoos and conditioners are usually formulated with essential oils, minerals, and plant extracts. The fact that they’re organic doesn’t mean that they’re suitable for specific needs only! You can find organic private label products that effectively tackle each and every hair issue.



Private label organic hair oil

An additional step in an organic hair care routine is private label hair oil. Your customers can use this:
• before shampooing, in order to nourish and deeply hydrate the hair and the scalp
• after shampooing, as a styling product

Private label organic hair oil can usually contain:
• castor oil
• coconut oil
• argan & almond oils
• tea tree oil
and many other essential and carrier oils.

If you are looking for an amazing product able to improve hair growth, take a look at our Private Label Hair Growth Oil.

What are you waiting for? Develop your organic private label hair care products now!



Natural VS organic hair care products: is there a difference?

What you’ve seen are organic hair care products that our private label service can offer you. The thing is, there’s a lot of confusion around the term organic because it’s usually associated with natural products. But they’re two separate things.

Private label all-natural hair products, in fact, are not necessarily organic. The term is used to identify those shampoos, conditioners, and other treatments that derive from nature. Synthetic and chemical components can be found in nature too, and that’s why you may find them in their formulations.

Thus, private labeling natural hair products means manufacturing hair care solutions starting both from animal or plant-based sources that might have been grown using synthetic, chemical, or genetically modified elements.

Let’s say your customers need an all-natural private label shampoo: you can produce it resorting to synthetic or chemical ingredients. That doesn’t mean that it’s not safe: chemical isn’t synonymous with dangerous! What’s important is to have the utmost care for the safety of your formulas.

If you're interested in natural hair products, take a look also at our Private Label Skin Care solutions! Remember that both hair and skin deserve the same attention!


Private label natural hair care products

Here are a few examples of private label natural hair care products you can develop with HSA:

Private label natural shampoo and conditioner, the basic steps of natural hair care routines, made with oils, plant extracts, roots, and minerals that boost the health of the hair and the scalp

Natural private label hair cream, which can be used as a mask or a conditioning treatment to nourish, moisturize, and add shine to the hair with a soft and mesmerizing texture

Private label natural hair styling products, such as oils, sprays, gels, waxes, and mousses that help better define your customer’s hair while nurturing them with all-natural ingredients



Organic & natural private label hair care manufacturers

As you can see, HSA Cosmetics is an organic and natural private label hair manufacturer offering endless possibilities. From shampoo to specific treatments, we can help boost your brand by adding new, incredible solutions to your hair care lines.

Our service, in fact, includes all the customization possibilities you can think of. Not only in terms of ingredients, but also textures, fragrances, and packaging options can be created ad hoc according to your needs.

We’re a manufacturer that not only makes private label hair products with natural and organic components in the highest possible percentages. We can also meet other requirements you might have, for example in terms of bio, vegan, or clean solutions.

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If you’re looking for a natural or organic private label hair care manufacturer, you’re definitely in the right place! Discover more about our service:

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