Name ideas for your cosmetic line
How to come up with unforgettable name ideas for your cosmetic line

What is the first thing that consumers will know about your cosmetic line? Obviously, its name. And their choice of whether to give it shot or move on will (also) be influenced by its name. And if they find it has a nice ring to it, they’ll definitely be more likely to think “Mmh, nice! I need to try this.”

How to start your cosmetic line
How to start your own cosmetic line in 5 easy steps

Looks like it’s been every Hollywood star’s dream to come out with their own cosmetic line: look at Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Kim Kardashian, not to mention the queen Kylie Jenner. All these huge names weight juuust a little on all other mortals who would like to aspire at making their own cosmetic line; but hey: let’s not get intimidated here!