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Now that you’ve found the way towards the formula for your product, it’s time to pick an outfit for the great ball that fits the product like a glove. Remember that first impressions mean a lot, and your product’s packaging is the very first thing a consumer will lay eyes on. What should you do so that the design of your packaging makes clients think “OMG I WANT THIS”? You've come to the right place. Here are some of our tips to create the perfect packaging for your cosmetics.

Hold your horses. Before you start galloping towards the design of your cosmetics’ packaging, there’s a list of preliminary things you should consider.

Who is your cosmetic line talking to?

The first thing you should have in mind is who your line is talking to. Who's your target? The more specific your target is, the easier it will be to define a design that catches its attention.

Whether you’re talking to teenagers in prey of their hormones, to bored stay-at-home moms or to men obsessed with their beards, the packaging of your cosmetic line must be able to catch the eye of your reference target public.

What is your cosmetic line’s identity?

After understanding who you’re talking to, it’s important to define clearly who you are. The identify of your cosmetic line is a crucial element to understand which packaging to create.

Do you want to be sophisticated and elegant or sharp and a bit rock ‘n roll? A timeless classic or avant-garde? Check with your conscience and try to understand the identity you want for your cosmetic line. This will make it easier to define your packaging.

Once these two starting points have been defined, you may now get started with the creative phase.

Put up a mood board

In this early phase, it can be a good idea to create a mood board. Gather photographs, colors, magazine clippings, anything you think can express the mood you wish to transmit through your packaging. During the design process of your cosmetic packaging, this will help you keep inspiration alive.

Look around, get inspired

Speaking of inspiration. Don't roll up into your bubble. Look around you. Observe successful examples of packaging. The current trends are catching the eyes of consumers for a reason. Study them and try to understand if there’s something you can use in your own design.


Design your own cosmetic packaging

Now that you know which final result you’re after, you can go for the actual making of the packaging. There are many things you must consider.


Which personality do you want your packaging to have? Identifying the style of your packaging is crucial to proceed with your creation process. Do you want it to be luxurious and opulent or simple and minimalist? Once your style is clearly defined, it’ll be easier to add design elements that can take you to the final result you desire. 


Associated to the image of your brand, you must have a palette of colors that can communicate your identity, without forgetting that it must also be able to draw the attention of consumers and to stand out from the ocean of options available in the market.   


Like the colors, the typefaces associated to your brand must be unique and immediately recognizable. You must obviously find a typeface that is a good match for the style you’ve chosen. For instance, if the style of your packaging is a bit above the top, you might as well go for an equally bold typeface. If you’ve chosen a minimalist style, the typeface you use must be similarly simple and blend perfectly with the mood of the packaging

Packaging type

Finally, think of packaging like a boyfriend. Looks aren't everything. Because he may be handsome, but if he can’t dance, he’ll only keep you interested for so long. Similarly, you must make sure your packaging is not only visually captivating, but is also practical and simple to use. Usability is a fundamental feature in a product, keep that in mind at all times!

As you’ll have noticed, there are countless variables you should consider when designing your cosmetic packaging. Too many? Are you panicking? Fear not! Seek the help of professionals specialized in this sector, who will know how to help you through all the steps of the project, from the initial idea to the creation of your packaging.