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Coloration Cream

Coloring cosmetic cream allowing to change the natural color of hair by depositing latest generation color pigments inside the hair structure, with the highest purity degree (99%). Its specific formula...


Creamy formulation allowing allows optimum bonding to the hair, and thus a faithful and stable transfer of the color with all its nuances. Enriched with Limnanthes Alba seed oil, it protects skin and h...

Deco Cream

Innovative formula with high cosmeticity, it guarantees a modulable technical result with maximum protection thanks to its anti-yellow action in a new creamy consistency. It offers uniform bleaching fr...

Bleaching Powder White

Bleach with an all-purpose formula, ideal for any professional lift technique, over 7 levels. Mixed with cream peroxide, it creates a soft and homogeneus cream, that does not swell or leak. Easy to use...

Bleaching Powder Blue

Bleaching powder for quick, intense lightening, over 7 levels with extreme techincal result. High performing blue micro pigments guarantee excellent anti-yellow action and allow to soften the unsightly...

Bleaching Powder Foil Free

Bleach in powder form with a compact texture for perfect freehand application: it doesn't drip and can be used without papers for highlighting. Perfect for natural reflexes, shadows and balayages, guar...

Protective Oil

It protects the scalp by preventing sensitisation phenomena asscociated to technical treatments. As a barrier effect, it avoids the formation of dye spots on the skin, without influencing the techinica...

Rew Color

Color remover in powder for oxidising hair dyes. Retouches, corrects and removes hair dye without affecting hair colour. Rew Color’s delicate action leaves hair structure intact and does not lighten na...

Color Clean

It effectively removes color stains from skin without irritation.

Anti-Yellow Shampoo

A delicate shampoo with acid PH, speciific to soften yellow reflects on white, blonde hair or streaks. It gives vitality and light to the hair.

Dressing Hair Colour

Ammonia, paraben and PPD free coloration with protective ingredients for a perfect result. It leaves the hair brilliant, soft and healthy and respects the hair structure. Ideal for the most sensitive s...

Color Reload

Direct colouring without ammonia to revive your colour between salon treatments and hide any re-growth. Brings life back to highlights in coloured hair and intensifies the natural colour, as well as re...

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