Scalp Habit

We want to create for your clients a fascinating experiential journey in hair salons or at home.

As pioneers in professional hair care, we created the Scalp Habit line: it unites the worlds of science and nature, bringing you hairceutical solutions that are not just incredibly effective, but kind and caring for our planet.

Scalp Habit enables hairdressers like you to address a variety of common scalp and hair issues. It provides your clients with a unique, professional, and satisfying hair care experience and it also allows you to align your salon’s offering with market trends. 







An elixir of Beauty rooted in Science and Sustainability

In the fast-paced world of hair care, the trend is shifting towards a holistic concept of health and beauty.

Scalp care is the new skin care.

Scalp Habit is Nouvelle's response to the rising trend of hairceuticals. A line of 9 cutting-edge products designed to combat common problems such as oily scalp, irritated scalp, dry and oily dandruff, and brittle hair prone to loss. All thanks to our scientifically-formulated blend of biotechnology, plant science, and medically-conceived ingredients.

We've ensured a clean and sustainable approach with:

• 89% to 98% natural active ingredients - All our products are made of science-backed formulations

• 80% to 97% biodegradable components - Choose our sustainable approach: all our formulas are vegan

• Zero tolerance for harmful substances... like silicones, parabens, sles+sls, mea, edta, peg and paraffin.


Comprehensive solutions for Hair and Scalp

Discover our unique hair and scalp solutions:

• For Sensitive scalp - Experience instant relief with our Scalp relief fluid, shampoo, and lotion. Each product harnesses the power of potent rice-derived peptides to fight silent inflammation and restore harmony to your scalp and hair.

• For Oily Scalp & Hair - Balance and volumize with our sebum control fluid and shampoo. Our formula leverages traditional medicinal extracts like Vitis Vinifera, Ginger root, and Boswellia serrata to manage sebum production and leave you with clean, refreshed hair.

• Energizing solutions - Prevent hair loss and stimulate regrowth with our energizing shampoo and serum. Infused with Turmeric rhizome stem cells, our energizing solutions help regulate the hair growth cycle for stronger, healthier hair.

• Anti-Dandruff - Eliminate dandruff with our purifying scrub and dandruff shampoo. Our products employ the natural healing properties of Black Cumin oil to effectively address dandruff concerns.

Scalp Habit

Scalp Relief Shampoo

Cleanses gently and helps to soothe irritated and sensitive scalp.

Purifying Shampoo

Cosmetic adjuvant that purifies the scalp and helps counteract skin flaking.

Scalp Relief Fluid

Acts directly on scalp, moisturises and pleasantly soothes irritated scalp in a few minutes.

Sebum Control Fluid

Acts directly on scalp helping prevent excess sebum production.

Energizing Shampoo

Gently cleanses while keeping the scalp moisturized and gives a feeling of strength and vigor.

Sebum Control Shampoo

Cleanses and rebalances the scalp with excess sebum production

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Wide portfolio of hair care and skin care formulas conceived and developed by HSA, already available to be customised with scents and actives at your choice.

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Our strict quality control ensures that all products sold comply with the standards required by our customers and comply with the hygiene and health standards set by international law

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Our internal regulatory affair division ensures full compliance with regulations, laws and directives on an international level, following the correct distribution of the product in more than 90 countries.


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