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professional salon hair product

The best salon hair care products in Nouvelle’s catalog

This is HSA Nouvelle, the professional brand offering high-quality hair care products to salons and hairdressers around the world. There’s no hair issue our solutions aren’t able to tackle with effective and long-lasting results.

On this page, you will witness all the best professional hair salon products we manufacture first-hand. I bet you will find the greatest solution for your clientele among these! So, without further ado, let’s find out the must-haves in our catalog.


Color Glow Coloring Masks

These are our Rev Up coloring masks. You will find them in our Color Glow line. What’s so special about this professional hair care salon product? They’re the best direct coloring masks and have a triple action:
brightening the color
restructuring tips and roots
moisturizing the strands

You only need to apply them on your clientele’s heads for 5 to 15 minutes – depending on hair porosity and the tone intensity desired. Here are the available shades we can provide you with: silver – truffle – cocoa – malt – copper – hazelnut – mahogany – red – violet

How can this professional salon hair product be so exceptional? Of course, thanks to the ingredients in its formula:
hydrolyzed cereal proteins – offering hydration and brightness
wheat amino acids – offering moisture, protection, and strength
hydrolyzed keratin – offering conditioning, restructuring, and protection


Color Effective Bleaching Powder

Now, here’s Freestyle Deco bleaching powder, a specific bleaching powder in our Color Effective line. It’s one of the best salon hair care products because it was specifically developed for free-hand techniques.

Its special and compact texture avoids any dripping and is able to bleach up to 6 tones while applying – which takes 30 to 50 minutes depending on the brightness of the blonde your client wishes to obtain.

The professionalism of this salon hair product makes it perfect for each and every hair type without damaging or irritating the scalp during the bleaching process.


Body Booster Volume Shampoo

Body Booster’s Volume Effect shampoo is definitely worth your attention. The incredible formula of this professional hair salon product allows your clientele to nourish, moisturize, and add body and softness to their locks.

Specifically made for fine hair, it’s the best salon hair care product to give volume and strength to the hair with long-lasting results.

The ingredients you will find in this shampoo are:
oak extract – offering nutrition to the hair
linden extract – offering moisture and protection
olive oil derivatives – offering hydration, lightness, and softness
• hydrolyzed keratin – offering restructuring to the hair
polyquaternium-10 – offering protection, vigor, shine, and easy combability
panthenol – offering protection and restructuring


Curl Me Up Moisturizing conditioner

Hydra Curl is a moisturizing conditioner in our Curl Me Up line. It’s the best professional salon hair product to make your clientele’s curls more defined, nourished, and hydrated – while also making them super easy to comb.

When it comes to nurturing curly hair, this conditioner is no doubt the best solution you will ever find on the market!

Here are the ingredients you will find in this professional hair product for salons:
hemisqualane – offering frizz reduction, smoothness, and silkiness to the hair
macadamia oil – offering antioxidant, emollient, and regenerating actions
betaine – offering moisturizing, anti-irritating, anti-inflammatory, protective and conditioning properties
vitamin E – offering antioxidant, anti-aging, protective, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory effects


Lively Color Drops

Lively’s Color drops are color correctors and intensifiers available in blue, violet, red, or yellow pigments. They effectively revive any hair color and can be safely mixed with other technical products or hair care treatments in Nouvelle’s catalog.

Just 10 ml of color drops and your hair tone will be boosted! That’s why this is one of the best and most professional hair salon products.

Be sure not to exceed the recommended amount of drops that can be applied to your client’s heads:
• if you’re using these drops as a color corrector 1 to 10 drops are enough
• if you’re using them as a color intensifier, you might want to check the table on our product page


Paint Bang Hair Coloring

Now it’s time for you to find out the most professional hair coloring salon product that’s ever been manufactured: we’re talking about our Paint Bang hair coloring line. It’s an ammonia-free line of semi-permanent direct hair dyes that give access to unique hairstyles.

As the best salon hair coloring product, of course it’s available in different shades: moon – mercury – pink planet – neptune – venus – uranus

Also, you can rest assured that its formulation resorts to the best ingredients only, such as:
panthenol – offering conditioning and restructuring
a mix of wheat, soy, and corn – offering balance, hydration, and protection


Re-Styling line

Another line that was specifically made to offer the best styling hair care products in the game is Re-Styling. This line is a reference point for professional salons and hairdressers that use it to sculpt and draw new, sensational looks for their clients.

According to your needs, you can find four types of products:
• molding fixing
• gloss shining
• molding discipline
• strong fixing

The molding discipline products are perfect for curly hair, while the other professional hair salon products are suitable for all hair types. With these solutions, you can allow yourself to easily create incredible hairstyles!


Sani Habit Charcoal Shampoo

Let’s move on to the crown jewel of our cleansing and sanitizing line called Sani Habit: it’s Hydra Sani Shampoo. This shampoo contains active charcoal, which helps regulate excessive sebum, eliminate toxins, and regain hair and scalp balance.

This is one of the best professional hair salon products thanks to its deep hydrating and purifying properties. What’s also special about it is its innovative soft black texture – a bewitching experience on the hair, trust us!

In addition to charcoal, its formulation includes:
chestnut honey – offering antibacterial and nourishing actions
cinnamon essential oil – offering antimicrobial and antimycotic properties
glycerin – offering hydrating, emollient, refreshing, and decongestant effects
prebiotics – offering skin balance, protection, and prevention of aging
polyquaternium-7 and 10 – offering conditioning, antistatic, protective, shine, and silkiness actions


Espressotime Hair Color

Finally, let us introduce you to the best hair coloring product for salons: our Espressotime hair color! What is it? It’s a series of hair dye creams that only takes 10 minutes to effectively cover any white and gray hair while boosting the color.

The fastest-performing hair dye ever and the most professional hair salon product are now available in just a simple bottle. Not that simple, actually, because it’s such a powerful and exceptional solution!

How can this salon hair product be the best? Thanks to its ingredients:
bio-fermented coffee – offering antioxidant properties and stimulating scalp microcirculation
ginseng extract – offering root nourishment, hydration, and strength and improving microcirculation


Professional hair salon products: a short guide to identifying them

How can one describe the best professional salon hair care product? It’s actually pretty simple:

1. You won’t definitely find them in drugstores but only on the most reliable supplier’s website

2. They’re formulated with the safest and most effective ingredients – no matter natural or synthetic, as long as they won’t damage the hair or the scalp

3. The results they guarantee are otherworldly: they have nothing to do with common hair care products, ‘cause salons and hairdressers must do it better!

Just follow these rules, and you can rest assured that you’ll find the best and most professional hair care products for salons. And you’ll also be able to offer your clientele the most suitable solution for their hair issues and needs.

Our professional salon hair products are waiting for you

Professional hair salon products and where to find them. It’s simple, they’re here chez HSA Nouvelle!

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