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Rev Up

Direct coloring mask, which in a single gesture guarantees three actions to enhance the beauty of your hair: it brightens the color, restructures and moisturizes.

Revil Oil

Rinse-out immediate effect revitalizing oil. Ideal for dry, sensitised hair and hair debilitated by chemical treatments or styling.


Acid pH mask for colour maintenance and protection. The restructuring ingredients give energy, volume, softness and sheen.

Moisture Refill

No-rinse revitalizing heat-protective treatment. All in one moisturising and sheen, and protection from sources of heat.


Color maintenance shampoo

True Blonde

Ideal for gently cleansing and reducing yellowing in light blond, bleached or streaked hair, restoring it to its full blond glory.

True Blonde Mask

Nourishing, reviving mask, to enhance the platinum effect on all blonde tones and on frosted and bleached hair.

True Silver

Ideal for gently cleansing and reducing yellowing in white and grey hair. It enhances silver highlights and gives extraordinary shine.

True platinum blonde

Specific for very light blonde and platinum blonde hair, neutralizes yellow and golden reflections on bleached and streaked hair (tone depth 9/10), enhancing cold tones.

Orange killer

Anti-orange shampoo

It cleanses gently and neutralizes orange reflections on bleached hair up to dark blonde tone (tone depth 5/6), making colour natural and shining.