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Ammonia-free gel hair dye for men. Easy and quick to apply, it covers grey hair naturally and subtly, reviving the colour and creating blended highlights without contrasts. It gradually fades wash after wash, maintaining a natural look and reducing the regrowth effect.

How to use

1. Remove the dye cream cap and insert the applicator.
2. Wear the supplied gloves.
3. Using the appropriate applicator, distribute the dye cream on clean and dry hair.
4. Gently massage to distribute evenly.
5. Without rinsing, apply the conditioning activator.
6. Gently massage to distribute evenly.
7. Leave on for 5 minutes.
8. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Active ingredients

Ginseng: Antioxidant, moisturizing and toning actions.
Mineral salts: They give vitality and energy. Protective and soothing effect.


40ml + 40ml