Color and anti-ageing hair system


The quest for perfectly covering, luminous color with endless possibilities for tones often clashes with keeping the hair healthy. Chemical treatments, in addition to pollution, sunlight and stress do indeed lead to rapid damage to the hair. Today, however, the constant “skinification” in the hair world, meaning products and treatments with concepts inspired by the world of face and body cosmetics, is stimulating the emergence of anti-aging formulas that also protect and repair scalp and hair by promoting their perfect health even after numerous chemical treatments.
What better solution, then, than a product line that meets the latest trends in hair repair while simultaneously offering a complete permanent coloring line?
And which also follows a clean, not aggressive formulation approach?


Lively, the only color & anti-ageing system!

The Nouvelle laboratories have devised a state-of-the-art professional dyeing treatment that, while coloring, restructures, conditions and protects hair.
The high cosmetic action comes from a calibrated synergy of natural and innovative high-tech ingredients. Vegan, Ammonia-free, PPD-free for gentle, scalp-friendly coloring without unpleasant odors, but with incredible results:
- covers 100% of white hair
- full and bright permanent color
- lightens 3/4 levels
- tones bleached hair


Ancient techniques futuristic technologies

The Nouvelle laboratories have devised a blend of active ingredients that could have visible results with multiple benefits: perfect but not aggressive color, hair and color protection, deep hydration and repair for complete anti-aging action. They include a powerful mix of nourishing oils, but obtained by fermentation, which is a millennia-old production process. Scientific studies have proven that the metabolic process of fermentation boosts the active ingredients contained in plant ingredients and helps improve their absorption. The result is an increased concentration of vitamins, proteins, and amino acids for protective and repairing action in the hair. A second active ingredient is derived from recycling part of the pomegranate whose extract, in a liposome base, has a proven efficacy in protecting hair color by preventing fading. At the same time, it protects against UV rays thanks to its powerful antioxidant content and due to its affinity with keratin, forming a protective film on the cuticle.

Best beauty supply hair color products 3


Post color Leave in

Pre-styling fluid that maintains color, protects and nourishes hair before drying, guaranteeing an extraordinary result.

Ammonia free hair color cream

Ammonia and PPD-free coloring cream with fermented oils and pomegranate for a protective action of the hair and extreme shine and softness.

Post color mask

Repairing color-protecting mask. Moisturises and nourishes hair, making it soft and keeping it healthy.

Post color gel cream

Post blow-dry gel cream. Moisturises hair after drying, making it soft and shiny and helping to maintain color over time.

Post color shampoo

Gently cleanses and moisturizes the hair, keeping it healthy after each chemical treatment.

Color drops

Colored concentrated pigments that can be mixed with any Nouvelle product, both technical and other treatments.

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