best products to sell in hair salon

Best products to sell in hair salons

The best hair products for salon are chez Nouvelle

If you’ve landed on this page, it probably means that you’re a hairdresser looking for new, vibrant products to use in your salon. Well, you couldn't be luckier, 'cause you're about to enter the magical world of Nouvelle!

HSA Nouvelle is the new sensation in the cosmetic industry. We’re a hair care and color brand with solutions for every professional in need of the best products to use and sell to their clientele. We will make your wish come true with our special lines!

Let us show you 6 of our exceptional lines:

Color Glow
Sani Habit
Color Effective
Curl Me Up


Espressotime is a product line that works the best and the fastest: once applied on your clientele's heads, these hair dyes only require 10 minutes to work! It's the most ideal solution for fast paced salons.

Espressotime also includes each and every product you need to protect your client's new shade over time, cover white and grey hair, and help the hair restructure after undergoing the dying treatment.


Hair color 10 minutes


Oxygen 27 vol. (8%)

Pre-Color Equalizer

Hair porosity balancer spray

Color Barrier

No stain barrier cream

Stain remover

Hair dye stain remover

Color Block

Color block intense conditioner


Here's to this extraordinary line: Lively comes from the ability of our experts to deliver a line that could prevent color-fading and anti-aging effects. These are definitely the best products to sell in hair salons to clients looking for color-maintenance solutions.

The most innovative product you'll find here is our color drops: it's a new solution on the market, and not every brand can brag about it! They come in several colors and effectively make your clientele's hair color pop up.


Bleaching powder with high lightening capacity, without ammonia and with a valid protective action.

Post color gel cream

Post blow-dry gel cream. Moisturises hair after drying, making it soft and shiny and helping to maintain color over time.

Post color Leave in

Pre-styling fluid that maintains color, protects and nourishes hair before drying, guaranteeing an extraordinary result.

Ammonia free hair color cream

Ammonia and PPD-free coloring cream with fermented oils and pomegranate for a protective action of the hair and extreme shine and softness.

Post color mask

Repairing color-protecting mask. Moisturises and nourishes hair, making it soft and keeping it healthy.

Color drops

Colored concentrated pigments that can be mixed with any Nouvelle product, both technical and other treatments.

Color Glow

Moving on to Color Glow! Do you want to know this line's best product to sell in hair salons? It's called Rev Up! These are direct coloring masks coming in endless shades that help revive, restructure, and give new life to color-treated hair.

What else will you find in Color Glow? Illuminating and revitalizing oils, masks, and shampoos that are safe and soothing on the hair while giving it the best strength and protection in order to maintain the color for a longer period of time.

Rev Up

Direct coloring mask, which in a single gesture guarantees three actions to enhance the beauty of your hair: it brightens the color, restructures, and moisturizes.

Revi Oil

Rinse-out immediate effect revitalizing oil.


Acid pH mask for color maintenance and protection.

Moisture Refill

No-rinse revitalizing detangling heat- protective treatment.


Color maintenance shampoo

Rev Up White

Illuminating and dilution mask.

Sani Habit

Now, have you ever heard of Sani Habit? No? It includes the best products to sell in hair salons! Why? Because the solutions of this hair care line are aimed to tackle one of the most feared issues: grease, pollution, microbes, and toxins.

So, Sani Habit has a triple action: it detoxifies the head, cleanses hair and scalp, and nourishes the strands from roots to tips. This line is a miracle worker, and it's all thanks to its formula containing Italian chestnut honey, charcoal, and essential oils.

Balsamic Sani Shower Gel

Cleansing sanitizing shower gel

Clean Sani Mousse

Cleansing sanitizing pre-shampoo mousse

Cleansing Hygiene Hand Gel

Cleansing sanitizing hand gel

Cleansing Hygiene Spray

Cleansing sanitizing hand spray

Easy Cut Spray

Hair sanitizing heat-protector

Final Sani Fluid

Hydrating sanitizing multi-action fluid

Color Effective

What about the best bleaching products to sell in hair salons? Well, you should take a look at Color Effective then! Here, you will find bleach powders, creams, and solutions both for traditional and hand-free techniques.

The crown jewels of this line, though, are the yellow killer products: bleaching powder, shampoo, and mask that neutralize any yellow tone on the hair while making your clientele's bleached strands the brightest they've ever been.

Color Back

Color remover


Bleaching cream with high protective action.


Bleaching powder


Highly performing cream developer for brilliant results. Gentle formula on scalp and hair.

Freestyle deco

Specific bleaching powder for free-hand techniques.

Nouvelle Hair Color

Permanent hair color cream for bright and natural shades protecting the hair structure. The range of shades is enriched with Megalift superlighteners to obtain extra light and bright blonde tones.

Curl Me Up

Finally, we couldn't omit a line expressly made for curly hair. We're talking about Curl Me Up! If your salon clientele is looking for hair definition, bounciness, and hydration, these are the best products you can sell them.

The solutions contained in this line are all formulated with the most effective ingredients that strengthen, moisturize, and tame even the most untamable curls. From shampoo to mask, take a closer look at what you'll find:

Protein Mask

Highly moisturising mask for curly and particularly frizzy hair.

HD Curl serum

Reviving and taming pre-setting serum for curly hair.

Hydra Curl

Moisturizing conditioner for curly hair.

Protein Shampoo

Specific shampoo for curly and frizzy hair.

The best products to sell in hair salons are waiting for you

Look alive and come with HSA Nouvelle! Let's discover each and every hair care and color care line in our catalog and grab all the products that you like the most.

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