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The soul of Nouvelle is contemporary, colorful. The exuberance and originality of the brand find solid foundations in the critical interpretation of different artistic periods, cultural movements, painters and creatives who have expressed their concept of color and beauty. Nouvelle is art, conceptual cubism, or pop disorder, digital graphics or street art, fluid color or geometric rigor. The result of this powerful synergy is a vigorous, disruptive brand that combines product quality with a strong aesthetic personality to inspire hairdressers around the world and allow them to stand out and make uniqueness their fundamental value.

The brand that inspires hair stylists with professional beauty salon hair care & hair color products

Body Booster

Color Effective

Color Glow

Curl Me Up

Double Effect

Every Day



Paint Bang

Play It Straight



Simply Man Match







Nouvelle inspires hairdressers with the latest fashions and trends. It helps them become a reference point for a wide, diversified clientele and gives them the instruments to offer quality services thanks to its salon hair care & hair color products, which range from basic to more daring treatments and looks for a younger public. Nouvelle’s quality and know-how is proven by more than 30 years on the market and an ideal price positioning for a woman who wants visible results on her hair, who frequently goes to the salon to always have herself in order, but every so often would like to change with new more creative and colorful styles.


With Nouvelle's beauty salon hair color products, color is the heart of the brand, inspiring hairdressers from all over the world and making them experts in style and innovation and able to constantly offer their customers the services and products announced by new trends. The Nouvelle hair stylist is contemporary, always up-to-date with recent trends, yet free to interpret them in a personal way. Depending on the customer who is welcomed, the hairdresser is able to offer eccentric or more contained styles, but always with a look at the fashion world, without any constraints to exclusive and limited choices, but remaining democratically open to the most varied demands.



Nouvelle's professional hair salon products respond to the needs of a very large target group. Thanks to the completeness of the offer and the basic price positioning, it can meet the needs of the younger and exuberant customer as well as those of the mature customer who wants a quality product and treatment.





Nouvelle's salon hair care products and protocols are easy to understand and use. Everything is designed to create the best conditions for hairdressers in order to work comfortably, while guaranteeing for themselves and their customers high performances thanks to a product with proven results and a know-how and presence on the market for more than 30 years. Pure efficacy.

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