How to start a hair care line

Wondering how to create a hair care product line? Manufacturing a new private label hair care line is one of those tasks that can be difficult. However, if you have the right information, a mentor, and passion, you can start a successful hair care line and take your company to the next level.

On this page we will delve into:

The journey towards creating a hair product line
Producing hair products in bulk
Starting a hair product line
Start a business with HSA cosmetics

The journey towards creating a hair product line

To begin your journey to your new private label hair products, start with these steps:

Focus on the purpose of your hair product - Many manufacturers don’t have a clear idea of what their unique selling proposition should be
Create prototypes - It’s ok if you don’t find the right formula at first
Test your products on volunteers - Look for direct contact with those who may be your target public
Optimize the formula of your hair product - Ask for advice from laboratory experts who can pinpoint a problem and offer the solution you need
Select package and design - Graphic designers will help you create a memorable product image
Production on a large scale - Produce at your own plant or choose a private label cosmetic company.

How to start a hair care product line?

HSA is an expert when it comes to private label cosmetic manufacturing. Learn more about how to launch a hair product line with us!


Producing hair products in bulk

Once you perfected your hair product formula, you’re ready to produce it in a higher quantity. If you want to know how to start a shampoo line, here are some examples of quantities we produce for our partners in the private label hair care field.

Hair colors: 100 KG per color.
Other products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.): starting from 500/1000 KG and more, depending on the product.

Hair colors: 1700 pieces per 60 ml color tube per multiple colors project. 1000 pieces per 100 ml color tube per multiple colors project.
Other products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.): starting from 5000 pieces and more, depending on the product and on the packaging.

How to start a hair product line? Decide what kind of service your brand needs, set the formula and quantity, and let HSA do the rest! With our exceptional team, your company is in good hands.

Know HSA Cosmetics better

Starting a skincare and natural hair care line with HSA is the best choice you can make for your company. Get further information about how we work!

Starting a hair product line: in partnership or alone?

On the one hand, starting a new hair brand alone would be a dream come true. However, you can run the risk of turning into a project that can blow up at any moment.

Creating your hair care line by yourself allows you to keep your vision whole, you are free to pursue your strategy without having to explain yourself to anyone else, but as the saying goes, happiness is real only when shared.

With a reliable partner like HSA, on the other hand, you can expand your point of view and open yourself to ideas that you may not have considered otherwise. Moreover, you can focus on product development easily.

So, choosing to partner with a private label cosmetics manufacturer can be a fundamental decision for the success of your cosmetic company. It's not just about sharing the load but also about sharing the wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources that such a partnership can bring.

Together, we can navigate the complex terrain of the cosmetics industry with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable collaborator standing beside you, ready to turn your vision into a thriving reality.

Start a business with HSA Cosmetics

HSA Cosmetics is an Italian skin and hair care product manufacturer. We are specialized in developing private label lines with unique designs for companies that need to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Why choose us to make your beauty dream come true?

• We produce hair care products since 1982, we have deep knowledge and experience;
• We can create with you the best formula and look for the best cosmetic ingredients;
We provide a full-service: from the production of private label cosmetics to the filling and packaging of the products;
We can study a business and marketing plan with you;
• We are always updated on the latest hair care trends
• We will drive you from the start of a hair care line or skin care products to the launch on the market.

HSA Cosmetics - private label cosmetic manufacturers

How to make hair products to sell?

Are you looking for the perfect private label? Contact our specialists to know more about our services and how we can help your brand make a hair product line.

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