Our products

Blackhydra Shampoo

Shampoo moisturizing and sanitizing.

Blackhydra Conditioner

Nourishing and sanitizing conditioner.

Hydrasani Hand Spray

Cleansing sanitizing hand spray.

Cleansing sanitizing hand gel

Soft hand sanitizing gel.

Cleansani shower gel

Sanitizing shower gel.

Blackhydra face cream

Moisturizing face cream.

Lighthydra face fluid

Moisturizing face fluid.

Hydrasani liquid soap

Liquid hand cleanser.

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R&D and Partner

Wide portfolio of hair care and skin care formulas conceived and developed by HSA, already available to be customised with scents and actives at your choice.

Quality e Regulatory

Our strict quality control ensures that all products sold comply with the standards required by our customers and comply with the hygiene and health standards set by international law

Regulatory affairs
& safety assessment

Our internal regulatory affair division ensures full compliance with regulations, laws and directives on an international level, following the correct distribution of the product in more than 90 countries.


Attention to sustainability issues for the development of safe, effective products and in compliance with environmental protection standards.