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Age Balance

The trend that is more and more emerging in the cosmetic market is the creation of clean, rather than natural products. That is to say a conscientious use of ingredients that are neither dangerous for humans nor dangerous for the environment. This is why AGE BALANCE does not use SILICONES - PARABENS - PEG - SULPHATES - DYES - PETROLATES.

Sani Honey

SANI HONEY, the line for moisturizing, deep cleansing, and rebalancing the scalp, hair and skin of face and body. SANI HONEY is inspired by scientific studies on the antibacterial efficacy of Italian honey, of balsamic essential oils such as cinnamon, eucalyptus and tea tree. Coupled with the detoxifying power of charcoal, SANI HONEY amazes for its "black" textures, for its sensory pleasantness, and for its "clean" formulation approach.

Healthy ageing & clean beauty

GUUDCURE is the skincare brand that combines HEALTHY AGEING e CLEAN BEAUTY philosophies. The combination of products and lifestyles enabling a natural and healthy ageing process and the use of “clean” products, with ingredients that pose no hazard to human health nor the environment, makes GUUDCURE the good care for skin.

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Skincare trends for 2021: get ready!

Tomorrow the penultimate month of this 2020 begins. We can already hear the fateful phrases in the distance:

Once and for all: why is it bad to sleep without removing your makeup?

On Saturday you come home at 4 a.m. and you can't wait to get into bed… In the morning you wake up all crumpled, my little panda.

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Wide portfolio of hair care and skin care formulas conceived and developed by HSA, already available to be customised with scents and actives at your choice.

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Our strict quality control ensures that all products sold comply with the standards required by our customers and comply with the hygiene and health standards set by international law

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& safety assessment

Our internal regulatory affair division ensures full compliance with regulations, laws and directives on an international level, following the correct distribution of the product in more than 90 countries.


Attention to sustainability issues for the development of safe, effective products and in compliance with environmental protection standards.