Intermixed with the chemical service mixture, ESLABONDEXX 1.Connector preserves and protects the hair structure, interconnecting its fibres. It also delivers active principles, providing hair with strength and elasticity.

Eslabondexx ™ Connector Lozione per trattamenti chimici del capello
What's your hair?

All hair types


During the technical treatment

Who is it for?

For those who have technical treatments in salon

How to use

Hair coloring treatments:
Mix hair color first with the proper amount and volume of peroxide following usual habits. Once the hair color is properly mixed, add 1 ml of ESLABONDEXX 1.Connector every 10 g of hair color cream. Apply and leave on as usual, rinse off carefully and apply ESLABONDEXX Rescue Shampoo.

Ultra lift hair colors (1:2 dilution):
Mix hair color first with the proper amount and volume of peroxide following your usual system and habits. Afterward add 7.5 ml of ESLABONDEXX 1.Connector for every 50 g of hair color cream. Apply hair color and process it as usual, rinse well and apply ESLABONDEXX Rescue Shampoo.

Bleaching services:
Mix bleaching powder first with the proper peroxide, following your usual habits. Then add 2 ml of ESLABONDEXX 1.Connector per each 10 g of bleaching powder. Apply as usual, rinse well and apply ESLABONDEXX Rescue Shampoo.

Direct colors:
After the bleaching service, mix the chosen direct color nuance with ESLABONDEXX 1.Connector (1 ml of Connector per each 10 g of direct color). Apply as usual and rinse thoroughly.

Stand alone treatment: Mix 10 ml of ESLABONDEXX 1.Connector with 1 ml of neutralizer and 15 g of ESLABONDEXX 2.Amplifier.
Apply from roots to ends. Leave under heating source for 15 minutes. Rinse well.

Chemical straighteners: After ESLABONDEXX Rescue Shampoo, apply the straightening cream before or after drying, depending on the straightening product used. Rinse well. Mix 2 ml of ESLABONDEXX 1.Connector per each 10 ml of neutralizer, towel dry hair and apply. Leave in for the time required for the neutralizer and then rinse well.

Keratin straighteners: After the keratin preparing shampoo, mix 1 ml of ESLABONDEXX 1.Connector per each 10 g of keratin straightening cream. Apply the mixture, following the usual process. Rinse well.

Perm: Follow a regular perm application process and rinse well.
Mix 2 ml of ESLABONDEXX 1.Connector per each 10 ml of neutralizer and apply evenly from roots to ends. Leave in for the necessary time, rinse and towel well.


Elasticity, resistance, better appearance, softness

Ingredients list

Aqua (water), ethanolamine, pvp, citric acid, sodium laneth-40 maleate/styrene sulfonate copolymer, soy isoflavones, glycosphingolipids, acetyl cysteine, polyglyceryl-10 oleate, polyglyceryl-6 laurate, sorbitan palmitate, dicetyl phosphate, arginine, glycine, alanine, pca, aspartic acid, sodium pca, sodium lactate, serine, phenoxyethanol, valine, ethylhexylglycerin, proline, threonine, histidine, isoleucine, phenylalanine.

Active ingredients

Nio-protect technology: innovative combination of active ingredients contained into niosomal vesicles. It actively protects hair cells from damages during the chemical service.
Polymeric complex: it develops a protective film around the hair stem.
Natural origin actives: strong nourishing action.
Amino acid blend: moisturizing and strenghtnening actions, contributing to keep the hair hydrated and to repair the hair damaged parts.




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