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Eslabondexx Salon Concept


Paolo Delle Piane // Chantal Zanzi //
bA_ Bottega architects London

Eslabondexx Salon Concept

Eslabondexx salon concept is not a salon, but pure experience engaging every guest. Unusual creative details and style define the space giving it a strong timeless personality. The aesthetic aspect is not the only value of the salon: every element, from windows and reception to retail and services area, has been designed to complete an ideal route for the consumer as well as being profitable for the salon. The most modern communication and sales techniques and visual merchandising are coordinated with a cutting-edge service in terms of products, treatments and customer care to make every moment special and memorable.


Showcases must allow a wide view of the salon. They must not intimidate but invite, so we recommend an open structure that shows the whole retail area, combined with an adjacent semi-enclosed showcase.  This solution allows  to see some areas of the salon, perceiving the modern and creative aspect, and at the same time create a certain intimacy.The perforated metal structure of the displays allows the creation of a central scene that enhances the product and at the same time acts as a not invasive barrier.The main entrance has a strong, precise color that gives the salon a strong personality and identity, recalling the color that will be one of the main subjects of the visual experience in the salon.


The retail area’s style is clean and rigorous but welcoming at the same time , and original thanks to the contrast of bright colors and shiny materials. The floor is opaque and materic like concrete or stone. The display units keep lightness and originality, thanks to the metal sheet, and enhance the product, not suffocating it with heavy structures that are not suitable for effective visual merchandising. At the center of the area there will be a round table that dilutes the rigorous lines of the salon and gives an almost homely and welcoming look. Its main function will be as corner for promotions or new products launches. This will be the first point of contact with the customer who can consult IPAD information on services and products.


Over the columns and in other salon areas, there will be fashion collections, hair and models images with writings explaining the brand and salon philosophy. All images will be included in frames of various sizes and workmanship to give a warm image, almost like a living room to relax.


The walls are simple but with a strong character. Geometric patterns coherent with the brand image give a timeless modernity and originality. A large writing on the wall is an original detail underlining the brand and salon positioning like a place where individuality prevails over conservatism. The wood and octane color central table becomes the architectural narration, hero and focal point of the salon where the main experience takes place. Round mirrors on both table and wall soften the salon’s rigid and graphic lines.


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