Spring/Summer 2019



Explores the concept of a new space, a room fulcrum of futuristic technologies, but that lead to comfort and relaxation. A space that help us to preserve our thoughts, memories and emotions and reinterprets them, and opens us to a more meditative attitude towards the urban world around us. There is the germ of a new search for a minimalist and clean aesthetic, we talk about an almost engineering beauty, cured and healthy thanks to advanced technologies, but not artificial and plastic because it is the mind that still governs the body. The environment becomes pure, but an almost geometric nature invades it peacefully and transmits all its sense of freshness, spirituality and health. The result is a sophisticated and delicate atmosphere in which the new urban amazons move between living nature and architectural rigor, tending to a robotic future with references to a revisited past.

HSA Technical and artistic team: Claudio Lapenna / Manuel Leale
HSA Artistic coordinator: Chantal Zanzi
HSA Technical consultants: Alessandro Fiorin / Alberto Leoni / Erminia Marostegan



Between soft waves, wet-effect hair, couture braids and cool “aunt flings”, the best hair looks of the upcoming hot season 2019 once again are inspired by retro elements, but never obvious and defined, but they are rather a mix, apparently without a ratio, 50s with the 60s, the rigor of the 90s  with the eclectic 2000, but always achieving a controlled balance that flows into a whispered elegance. From the dreamy softness of faux natural waves and almost from a sporty look, you can switch seamlessly to super structured braids and built in bold architectures, a bit of an amazon and a bit bon ton.


Our spring / summer 2019 collection is an exploration of the different expressions of sophistication, finding renewed freshness for the brightest months. Colors become more refined and subtle, but they never lose their uniqueness or lack of character. It is also an extravagant elegance and a sense of joyful enjoyment expressed through tones addressed to younger consumers, such as the pink-blonde shades of the Scampi and the bolder shades of Juicy Grape. Also Red Brassy that captures the essence of a rebellious glamour. And for the medium-tone indications, Vintage Leather and Muddy Blonde exude a relaxed refinement, while Treacle intensifies with a richer and deeper brunette tone.