Fall/Winter 2019-2020



Technology is what pervades every aspect of our lives, in every place. Yesterday it was the computer, from bulky dinosaur to small household appliances, today is an integrated lifestyle that embraces every moment: robotics, artificial intelligence, devices of all kinds simplify many everyday actions, but at the same time reduce sensorial experiences. Social context, however, is reacting with a new approach that wants to reset itself to the more intimate and emotional side. We talk about futurism but that helps and does not deny the physical and mental well-being: virtual reality embraces the healthy lifestyle. The technologies are at the service of the pure well-being Eslabondexx woman who, thanks to them, recovers moments of pleasure and wants to pamper itself in design and voluptuous balanced and not brazen wealth spaces. Also for the autumn 2019, Eslabondexx intercepts the seeds of a new evolutionary trend, which speaks of a culture of health, elegnace, attention of moder technologies, but with a reassuring call to the past.

HSA artistic team: Manuel Leale / Alberto Leoni / Bruno Foglianisi


Between soft waves, wet-effect hair, couture braids and cool “aunt flings”, the best hair looks of the upcoming hot season 2019 once again are inspired by retro elements, but never obvious and defined, but they are rather a mix, apparently without a ratio, 50s with the 60s, the rigor of the 90s  with the eclectic 2000, but always achieving a controlled balance that flows into a whispered elegance. From the dreamy softness of faux natural waves and almost from a sporty look, you can switch seamlessly to super structured braids and built in bold architectures, a bit of an amazon and a bit bon ton.


With a mainly female target, colors look at the richness of tubers, such as beetroot, purple carrot and sweet potato, which are perfect to be used as ephemeral and semi-permanent shades. 
This spectrum of hybrid shades is perfectly suited to blonde and rust tones and it is the most red palette seen for AW 19/20. Inspired by luxurious camel-color wool coat, the colors can ben mixed to create professional contouring effect or simply used alone for a subtle improvement in a way similar to naked tone of make-up.
Audacious, this color theme is an evolution of gray trend. While, at present, grays appear purplish, for AW 19/20 the emphasis on extremely matte shades will ensure its appeal to trend addicted.
After seasons with attention on pastel colors – included Scampi trend color of season SS 19 which has offered a sophisticated version of pink – now pastel colors fade like debris, creating soft look just visible.
A trend aimed at consumers of all kinds who are fashion-conscious, multi-dimensional holographs enter the world of hair coloring. These transmuting effects are obtained thanks to the trompe l'oeil colors or holographic formulations that derive from styling products or semi-permanent coatings. With these advanced formulas, the nuances appear only - like a mirage - according to the conditions of the light, intensifying when the sun goes down or when you enter a disco.


The trends in terms of hair dyes focus on the concept of «off naturals» - unexpected shades inspired by nature. Although the true natural world immediately evokes shades of blond and brown, the more complex colors, seen in trends of Super Roots and Scarabè, are directly inspired by the strong colors already present in nature. Once applied to the hair, they take on an unnatural appearance, but they appear to be familiar. Even Kaki and Driftwood appear natural at first, but quickly reveal their nuances of unusual colors.  With Camel Coat and Champagne, the palettes play with luxury inspirations enriched by intriguing twists.