Fall/Winter 2018-2019


collezione moda capelli autunno inverno eslabondexx


ESLABONDEXX MIXOLOGY embraces a flamboyant lifestyle in which identity survives conservatism. At a social time of political closure and protectionism, people react with a season of strength and conviction in a world that yearns for solid anchors. These are everywhere, in every culture and environment, in every age, creating a philosophy of everything and nothing, in an infinite game of contrasts mixed with exasperating perfection. Kennedyesque respectability, anarchist counterculture, explosive grunge fused with the 70s and 80s create powerful, determined and positive styles, and the modern woman embodies them all with the same ease and elegance.

moda capelli autunno inverno eslabondexx 2018


Bon ton hair inspired by icons of the past and more rebellious heads that blend sportiness and a rock attitude in wet styling. Timeless natural looks that combine (almost) natural faces with easy hairstyles. There is a lot of revival and a strong taste for the bon ton of the '50s and '60s in many backstages. Starting from one of the looks that is set to be iconic for the season, the voluminous wavy bob pays homage to the Sixties cut of the iconic Jackie Kennedy.

Many (and spectacular) returns of vintage bananas and torchon: the hair is bunched and defies gravity in chic solutions over the whole head. Or more casual and modern with a fake short hairstyle that folds down the lengths in a bob and gives maximum volume to the roots. Some locks are left free to make everything easier and sexier. Conversely, theatrical and retro, the solution of some designer labels with loose hair and center parting, and "S" waves of the '40s shaped on the forehead, like prized "curtains" for the face.


The '70s that mix with the 80s and the future; everything is allowed and hairstyling has no limits. Exaggerated textures and volumes, rich curls, shapes and styles that project the '80s into a parallel dimension: the head is the maximum expression of freedom. Bon ton bananas ruffled by the sea breeze and fiery gazes of black, red and rouge noir, a small deviation from the punk theme. Wet look, yes, but with a decisive and obvious inspiration: an allure reminiscent of the era of punk, of grunge, of the '90s in all their grit.