Create your own cosmetic line

The cosmetic industry is growing quickly, and the demand for all types of cosmetic products is increasing. Creating a cosmetic line is absolutely a great idea if:

- you sell skincare products and you know exactly what your customers want;
- you already have a brand and you wish to expand your catalog;
- you want to create a new cosmetic line that is closer to consumers’ demands;
- you’ve had an idea you think is brilliant and you want to share it with the world.

But remember, if you want to create your new brand, just make sure you have everything you need at hand. You can't start packing the evening before a long journey. Such a trip requires some planning.

Once you decided whether to start a new skin care or hair care line, you can continue with the next steps.

How to start your own cosmetic line

Creating a cosmetic line and starting to sell your products doesn’t come easily. First, prepare your checklist to create your new private label haircare or skincare line:

- Study the trends of the current year;
- Look for your target customers and discover their favorite cosmetic products;
- Analyse your competition and do research on your objective market;
- Study standards and regulations;
- Look for a reliable laboratory or partner to produce your cosmetics.

Then, do a few tests and, if everything is as you wish, start producing in bulk. Starting from 500 kg or more for hair products or 200 kg for skincare products is a good beginning.

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Branding cosmetics with us

As a private label company, HSA guides you through the creation of your skin and hair care lines. We listen and achieve your dreams, always standing by your side, so that together we will be able to give you the perfect branding for your cosmetics.

Think about the best ingredients you want to use, the most soothing textures you like, the packaging designs you find most appealing. You name it!

Don’t be afraid to take this big step with your company and start branding cosmetics with us! We will help you through it. Our excellent know-how and prompt responses can assure you that we are the partner you are looking for!

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Starting cosmetic lines: the quantities

When it comes to our high-quality hair care products, we believe in providing flexibility to meet your unique needs. For bulk orders, our minimum order quantities start at 100 KG per color for hair colors and vary for other products like shampoos and conditioners, depending on your specific requirements.

If you opt for our full-service finished products, the minimum order quantities range from 1000 pieces for color tubes to 5000 pieces for other products, ensuring you have options that cater to your demands.

Similarly, our skin care products offer a minimum bulk order quantity starting from 200 KG, and for full-service finished products, it starts from 5000 to 10,000 pieces, depending on the product and packaging specifications. 

At HSA, we aim to provide solutions that align with your business goals.

Starting cosmetic lines: the formulas

Once you have done your studies and analysis of the market, you should start thinking about which kinds of formulas you want to make for your professional brand. What do they smell like? How should they feel on the skin? What kind of aesthetic have you envisioned for them?

HSA offers a wide range of ingredients, textures, and fragrances available to start creating cosmetic lines that are unique, inclusive, and – most of all – addictive. Innovation is at the base of our work and we deliver thousands of formulas for all kinds of people.

Starting cosmetic lines can be hard but HSA is ready to face this challenge with you. If you want to find out more about our private label service, contact us below!

How we can help you starting your own cosmetic line

Why running a business all alone, when you can rely on a partner with deep knowledge and experience? By contacting us, not only will you learn how to make a cosmetic line out of nowhere, but you’ll also find the perfect companion for your company.In fact:

- We can create with you the best formula and look for the best cosmetic ingredients;
- We can study a business plan because the cosmetic industry is a tough world;
- We provide a full-service: from the production of private label cosmetics to the filling and packaging of the products;
- We are a private label cosmetic manufacturer since 1982, we perfectly know this business, from A to Z.

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