Cosmetic contract manufacturing company

HSA is a cosmetic contract manufacturing company specialized in developing effective and soothing hair and skin care for everyone. Created in 1982, we have been helping professional brands establish on the market and create incredible products since.


Our private label service is inclusive and responsive. As cosmetic contract manufacturers, we not only tackle every skin and hair issue with innovative formulas but also design the packaging of your products – with the utmost respect for the environment.



Quality and safety is what we bring to the table

Thanks to strong expertise in cosmetic contract manufacturing, our internal R&D lab is able to constantly study new trends and develop innovative approaches to help our clients find the products that better suit their brand and image.

Our formulas come with different ingredients and textures, but they all have in common total effectiveness and non-damaging effects. Quality and safety are at the top of our priority list because we are a cosmetic contract manufacturing company that cares about personal care.

Of course, the safety of our products starts from the safety of our planet: we deeply care about sustainability, that’s why our creations are always formulated taking into account the preservation of the environment and of our clientele’s health.

We only resort to beneficial ingredients – both natural and synthetic. In fact, not every natural component is good for your skin, and conversely not every synthetic product puts your health in danger. It depends on the ingredient and on how you use it. And since our know-how is unparalleled, you can rest assured that quality and safety are always guaranteed with us!


HSA Cosmetics’ full private label service

Let’s break down our service as a cosmetic contract manufacturing company at the forefront:

• first things first, you draw up a brief that includes all your needs and desires regarding your new skin or hair care line: how many products do you want? Which ingredients shall we use? What’s the color of the packaging? And so on…

• we also study a business plan in order to define how your brand can be positioned on the market – the cosmetic industry can be tough if you’re not prepared!

• then, our R&D team get their hands dirty: they choose how to develop every formula, which components must be used, experiment with colors and fragrances, establish different textures

• once the products have been developed, every cosmetic contract manufacturer knows it’s time to test their safety and stability. How? Checking their responsiveness to different temperature degrees, their viscosity and pH balance, and assessing their shelf longevity.

• now, here comes the best part: you will have samples of your cosmetic line! Feel free to squeeze every bottle, personally test each product, and give us your feedback so that we can make adjustments if necessary.

• ultimately, if everything’s in order, we design a full packaging. Once again, HSA is a cosmetic contract manufacturing company that puts your needs first, so you can get to choose which materials we can use and whether to put logos, images, writings, or other elements on it.


Color cosmetics contract manufacturing

Offering you a private label service to develop cosmetic products that nourish and improve your clientele’s skin and hair is not the only thing we can do for you. In fact, we are also specialized in color cosmetics contract manufacturing.

Whether you want to create specific hair dyes with long-lasting effects and very reduced impact on the strand’s and scalp’s health, you have found the right cosmetic contract manufacturer.

Our hair dyes come in endless colors and lines according to the needs and preferences of everybody. You will find products that both act in the shortest possible amount of time and resist multiple washes.

Also, we are able to develop color maintenance shampoo, conditioners, and masks that help revive the tone while hydrating and nourishing the hair.


The pros of working with cosmetic contract manufacturing companies

The advantages and benefits you will receive from choosing HSA as your cosmetic contract manufacturer are real and unique. Here’s what you will gain from developing your hair and skin care lines with us:

• the reduction of operational duties, such as R&D, formulations, testing, packaging. This way, your brand will be able to focus on other tasks to implement in your strategy.

• the professional know-how of a Made in Italy cosmetic contract manufacturer knowing what they are doing. Top-notch processes and

• a reliable partner who will be by your side from beginning to end. The production process will be led collectively: you will be able to share ideas, thoughts, and approaches that will guide us in the accomplishment of your dreams.

• with a cosmetic contract manufacturing company such as ours, you will have full decision-making power. Private label, in fact, means that you get to decide everything you want for your skin and hair care lines. We will only add our incredible expertise to help you get to the finish line!

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